Donovan McNabb to Redskins a Huge Mistake!

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Donovan McNabb to Redskins a Huge Mistake!


Many people have different views on the Eagles trading Donovan McNabb you either think it's  good to trade him or you don't....and both sides of that debate have merits. But how can anyone think that trading Donovan Mc Nabb to the Washington Redskins can be a good idea.

First off Donovan Mc Nabb is still a quality QB who was a star in Philadelphia for many years. The Eagles have made many playoff runs and got to a Super Bowl under Mc Nabb's leadership.

Donovan can still play but I understand the Eagles want to go in a different direction they want to look to the future with Kolb. The Eagles have now got rid of 12 players from last years team as they are going with younger players having only one player over 30 years of age. I get it, but what I don't get and highly disagree with is trading your star QB who is going to have a major point to prove and a serious chip on his shoulder to a division rival....

Are you insane why would you want to make a division foe better instantly?

Why have Mc Nabb face his former team twice a year when you know he will want nothing better than to beat his former team.....have we forgotten what Brett Favre did against the Green Bay Packers last year!!

And finally having Mc Nabb helps the coaching staff of Washington when they play Philadelphia as Mc Nabb can tell the defensive coaches all about Philadelphia's offense and can tell the offensive coaches how to attack the Philadelphia defense as he practiced against them every day.

This trade just seems plain stupid to me from the Eagles side while the Redskins just made a major upgrade. The Redskins have not had a leader at QB for years but now they do and I think just made themselves a Playoff contender in one move.

There is no greater motivator than proving people wrong. Philadelphia has basically said we feel your all done Donovan, but I know I can't wait to see when the Eagles and Redskins play this year as Donovan will have something to prove.

It's always nice to bite the hand that fed you.....just ask Brett Favre!!

  • Being not too far from Philly, what I'm hearing is that McNabb basically didn't give the Eagles much of a choice. He refused to talk to the few teams that had genuine interest. I'm positive Andy Reid was NOT behind this decision. What I've been hearing is that McNabb and Kolb were both in the last year of their contracts and the Eagles were not going to offer both QBs long-term deals for big money. And Kolb indicated that he would not sign a long-term deal if he were not the starter by this coming season. Sure looks like this deal favors the 'Skins. Can't wait to see McNabb visit Lincoln Financial Field this coming season!

  • This is gonna take some getting used to.

  • Now Philly will get exactly what they have been hoping for.  Years of mediocre football coming up.  Mcnabb may not be Tom Brady but ask the Rams, Lions and Bears about having a quality QB.  They don't just grow on trees.  It's funny how Eagle fan loved Jaws but despise McNabb even though it seems as though they had similar careers.

  • Snyder wants to win now and this move puts the Redskins in that position. Get the skins some O-Line help and this team can make some noise this year in NFC East...

  • Could be RJ, but Mike Shanahan has a history of finding phenomenal value in 3-5 year NFL vets and knows his way around a salary cap better than most GM's.  So hopefully, for 'Skins fans, the effect of losing those picks will be mitigated and minimized over time.

    It's certainly better than losing those picks with Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato at the helm.

  • Good points - but I think strictly by performance vs. cost, the Redskins paid too much draft pick wise.

  • When RJ first posted the message about McNabb going to the Skins I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st! In some way this may make both the Giants and Cowboys jobs easier this fall.

  • Some quotes I thought you'd enjoy:

    "McNabb got traded to the Redskins?! and they have to face him twice a yr..nt smart philly" — Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey, via Twitter

    "Great for him. Must be a relief for d to play in a city that wants him." — Emmitt Smith, via Twitter

    I think it's a major steal and a great day for the Redskins. ....the Eagles made a major mistake by letting him get away." -Brian Mitchell

  • Could not agree more, Marco.  As a lifelong 'Skins fan, yesterday was surreal.  When the word "Redskins" came across the crawl, I probably stared frozen at the screen for 2-and-a-half seconds.  Since Joe Theismann in the early 80s (w the exception of 1 year each from Mark Rypien and Brad Johnson) the Redskins have not had a top tier QB.  As you say, that the Eagles acquiesced to sending him to a division rival is mind-boggling.  It made the Skins 2-3 games better and the Eagles 2-3 games worse in one fell swoop.  And I simply cannot see Philly beating Washington this coming season.  History repeating itself.  Philadelphia's trade of Sonny Jurgensen to Washington in the 60s sure worked out splendidly for the Skins then.

    Call it a hunch, but reading between the lines during that press conference yesterday, I just have a feeling Andy Reid wasn't on board with this.  I think he's gone next offseason himself.