It Ain't Over till it's Over....

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Pregame Blogs
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It Ain't Over till it's Over....

The Vegas Life is great and on Sunday RJ, Tom and myself were all at the M Resort watching the NFL Games. You all know watching the our weekly podcast that RJ loves busting my balls. So if you watched this week's Podcast you know my pick was the Ravens (+2.5) against the Vikings.

RJ liked the other side and on air took me up on my offer to Bet $500 on the Game. So in basically no time at all Minnesota is up 14-0 and RJ's fun begins as he is going on and on about how I shouldn't buck him. Yeah he was having his fun just as I would have been had the tables been reversed.

When the score went to 27-10 in the 4th Q he was really piling it on and then the comeback began. Baltimore goes 75 yards in 1:33 on 7 plays for a TD. Minnesota answers with a drive of their own that was stopped at the Baltimore 12 and Green Bay had to settle for a FG making the score 30-17 and that's when I felt the momentum starting to switch. Here comes Baltimore!!

Baltimore scores in 49 seconds on 3 Pass Plays from Flacco. Suddenly it's Minnesota 30-24 and the trash talk has stopped at least from RJ. Minnesota has a 3 and out and punts and I look right at RJ and say boy if I had Minnesota I would be very pissed right now. Minnesota totally dominated to this point and now is one play away from trailing. I also said Baltimore is going to score and score they did it's now 31-30 Baltimore.

Brett Favre on a 2nd and 6 from his own 24 throws it 58 yards to Rice to the Baltimore 18 yard line.  Minnesota settles for the FG and goes up 2. Baltimore tries to drive down to kick the winning FG but they miss Wide Left on the final play of the game.


Marco wins by a half a point and Takes the $500 Bet with RJ. You can watch the Money Presentation on this week's Podcast.

I do have to congratulate RJ on winning his Underdog Game of the Year with Kansas City over Washington. 

  • a closet republican....ehehheheehheheheheheheheehhheheheeehhheeehheehh

  • Thanks for sharing me21deion that's funny shit....truth be told RJ and myself get our fair share of busting each other's balls. Glad you enjoy the podcast thanks for watching...

  • a bud of mine (and the protypical square) called and had me place a bet for him on balt, which our local had at +4 (yes, it's true!)...he told me he would call during the game to gloat as we won, and i told him not to call, no matter if we were winning big or losing big (i swear, i told him to keep and even keel no matter what)...during the game(as minny was leading big), i was talking to a mutual friend who said he bet minny only because our square friend bet balt...nuff said!!! happened to notice rj waited until the very end of the last segment before mentioning his losing bet (which with less than 2 min's left in the regimented podcast was just slightly less time than he spent busting your balls while he was winning!)  kinda reminds me of a few years ago when i was calling everyone and their mother when houston led buff 35-3 minutes into 2nd half of playoffs....lesson learned!

  • Dan I needed to cash my side bets with RJ was cutting into my Buffet

  • I was on Baltimore, too.  Can we split the 5 kroners?