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Pregame Blogs
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This is why there is no such thing as a CAN'T LOSE GAME. On Saturday Night I released a 10* Play to my clients. I don't like to use the L word but in our business it's a very popular marketing word. The L word I'm referring to is the word LOCK.  It gives the notion the game can't lose it's a cinch, Money in the Bank or whatever other cliche you want to throw out there. I made my Biggest Play of the Day and week on Arizona Saturday against Washington. Let's set the table.

Arizona is -3.5 and playing at Washington. Arizona has had two weeks to prepare while Washington had to return home after a gut wrenching loss to Notre Dame at South Bend in Overtime. Teams generally struggle following a OT loss in College Football so this was a great spot to fade Washington.

Also note that Washington hadn't won a game since they upset USC so I felt I had an outstanding situation to unload on Arizona and unload I did. Now take a look at the following stats and tell me how we lost the game?

First Downs Arizona  26-14
Total Yards  Arizona 461 -256
Time of Possession  Arizona 39:19 - 20:41

Hard to image that this game was even close let alone was a loser right? So what the hell happened?

Well Washington gets the Ball with 4:22 to go down 12 points and starting at the Washington 41 thanks to a nice kick off return. On an incomplete pass the defender lights up the Washington receiver and gets called for a personal foul which was the right call as he hit the guy 3 steps after the ball went by him. This moves ball to Arizona 25  and on 3rd and 10 Washington connects for a 25 yard TD pass with 2:55 left.

Washington has 2 time outs so they decide to kick off deep and play defense. Arizona returns the kick to the Arizona 37 yard line. On 1st down you run the ball to force Washington to burn their first time out right? No Mike is it Stupid or Stoops I always get it mixed up...decides to throw the ball.

Watch the Unbelievable Play Click Here

Now that's why there is no such thing as a Can't Lose Game! I wanted to throw by drink thru the TV Screen but the only problem was I was at the M resort in the Sportsbook and since there was only one other game going on at the time it was on every TV so I would have had to throw about 25 glasses to take out all the TV's in the Sportsbook. And there is nothing more fun than watching the replay over and over on 25 TV's all at once!!! 

  • Addendum:


    You didn't lose, you wuz robbed (no pun intended).

  • They call this gambling?  When you're handicapping, Marco, I usually call it "Picking Cherries Off he Tree."  So one cherry was sour.  iT HAPPENS.  

    As for the loss despite Arizona being the better team,  I hear Tim Donaghy's footballing cousin, Jim Donaghy, was working that game.  Taking a look at the comparative penalties, including the timing of each penalty call in the Play-by-Play may hold the answer.


  • hey marco ,the two biggest (locks) i've seen this year was aldo beating brown,the guy is incredable and stans pick last sat,wisc vrs hawaii on the island.I could'nt for the life of me figure out how they beat navy.unfortunately when i found out how from stan i had most of my money on other games or that would have been my only wager of the day.well ok maybe alabama too

  • add  this  to  the  CFB   worst  beats  thead  ?

  • Nice bout 2 more:


    WISKY 22 FD

    OH ST 8 FD


    OH ST 164 TTL YDS (Exactly HALF)

    Bucks WIN by 18 pts

    PURD  402 TTL YDS

    MINNY  281 TTL YDS

    PURD 23 FD

    MINNY 14 FD

    MINNY Scoring Drives:

    2, 29 & 33 YDS

    Gophs Win by 15

  • That game is a good example of why NO ONE can win 70% long-term if they make a decent amount of bets.  There will always be right side losers like that in every season.

  • Sports fans i need the winner for tonights UL Monroe / Arkansas state.I am lost on this game help me out sports fans.  kevinr65

  • You'd think when you win 57% of the time you'd take your loses easier!

  • That's Goodfellas 18th remote by my tracking .LOL . Your funny bro i was with you on that and needless to say i had to take the bedroom one until best buy opened sunday morning and the Fiance got me a new one .

  • Yea i too had alot of money on this game it cost me a couple thousand, i also had it posted as my pac 10 game of month. that was ridiclous i too brocke my remote in about 20 peices much less then 75 lol.

  • I SHATTERED my remote.........into ATLEAST 75 pieces.............

  • OK to make matters worse for me I'm at the M just had a Nice Dinner with my fiance, her mother and Step-Father. This is first time I met her step-father as they were in town visiting. So I'm trying to be calm and collected when all I wanted to do his drop the F-Bomb all over the M Sportsbook!!!!

  • UGG.............THNX for the REMINDER Marco...........................I just PUKED AGAIN.........I had Arizona -3 that I released very early in the week as my (2*) Pac-10 GOW play......EASILY the WORST BEAT in ANY CFB game this year so far............. just puked again thinking about it..........THNX!