Phil Ivey poised to make Historic Run at WSOP

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Phil Ivey poised to make Historic Run at WSOP

The Stare No One Wants to See

Phil Ivey is regarded by many including me to be the best all around Poker Player in the World. You can always find Phil Ivey in the highest Cash Games in the world whether it be online at Full Tilt Poker or in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio. Ivey has always preferred Cash Games rather than tournaments as he has said that sometimes he gets bored in tournaments and loses focus. He would rather have the rush of all the cash getting in the middle in a live game.

However the 2009 WSOP has been totally different for Ivey as he made a bunch of prop bets with other poker players as to how many bracelets he was going to win. Ivey already cashed big on those prop bets as he has already won 2 bracelets and word is he took more money home with the prop bets than he did with the prize money. You see when motivated there is no one better than Phil Ivey.

Well Phil is focused to win the Main Event and with 64 players left Phil Ivey is 3rd with over 6 million in Chips. If Phil Ivey makes the Final Table this will be without question the most watched Final Table in WSOP history. Antonio Esfandiari is in 6th place with 5.6 million in chips as the other big name still in. Joe Sebok better know as Barry Greenstein's son is also still alive with over a 1 million in chips. Personally I'm rooting for Phil Ivey because him making the final table and possibly winning it would be as big or bigger than when Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event. With that said another huge popularity rush in poker may help get poker legalized so that people can once again play online poker without any hassles.

Who do you think is the best poker Player in the world is right now?


  • I believe having Pocket Rockets pre flop and calling all in wins 25% of the time.

  • Dennis Phillips deserves a lot of credit. The man who made historic run last year at the final table came back this year not as the rookie who was made famous wearing his St. Louis ball cap but as a seasoned veteran. Dennis Phillips went deep this year as well finishing 45th and picking up almost $179,000...

  • Many are regarding this the most talented final table in Main Event history...

  • Ive been following the tweets and blogs all night; there was like five times somebody was all in or called an all in with aces and lost every single time!

  • The November 9 is set and Phil Ivey has made the final table ESPN Executives are celebrating as much as the Final 9 players. This is very good for poker!

  • I've been saying Phil Ivey is the best in the world long before this WSOP. Just check HighStakesDB if you'd like. His win rate on tournaments is sick. He "only" has 7 bracelets because he is still young and lots of times skips playing tournaments. See what the top pros who play against him will say about who is the best poker player in the world. I agree he probably won't come out victorious in the Main Event because it's so hard even for the best player in the world to come out victorious when there are still 27 players on. I root for him. I believe he is bigger than Stu Ungar, because he seems as talented (ok, maybe a little less, I don't know) but has a much better mentality approaching poker, bankroll management and life itself. Go Phil!

  • and cards

    and u gotta understand the game

  • Ivey the most intimidating player out there with a big stack and he can play his ass off.  Hard to pin point 1 player as the best....its not like Tiger Woods in golf and then there is everybody else who might get lucky and beat Tiger on any given day.

    Poker is all about the cards, and while players, good players, can bluff and win with lesser hands, its all about who has what in their hand IMO...hard to pin point one.