Marco D'Angelo - Vegas Life Sickest hand of Poker

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Marco D'Angelo - Vegas Life Sickest hand of Poker


Vegas Life Sickest hand of Poker

Well guys it was the weekend before the All Star Break so I had some extra time to enjoy the Vegas Lifestyle. Hung out at my pool went to dinner with my finance. But I also had plenty of time for some quality poker time. Played in a 50 player Tournament at the M over the weekend and well let's say I'm Steamrolling the Final Table as I eliminate 2 players in one hand leaving me the chip leader with 40% of the chips in play and only 6 players left.

I'm playing Big Stack tournament poker putting pressure on in almost every hand. If you want to see a flop your going to pay to do so. I look down and I have pocket 6's a great hand with 6 players and especially when 2 people already folded. So I put in a hefty raise and it folds to the Big Blind who takes a minute and then shoves all in. Now I really have no choice because I'm getting the right odds to call and I firmly believe I have the best hand. If I lose the hand I'll still have 20% of the chips in play.

I turn over my 6's and to my surprise this guy turns over Q7 offsuit. I'm like WTF this guy just put his tournament life on the line with Q7 did he think I was raising with absolutely nothing. What hand is he beating going over the top with Q7.

So the dealer puts up 555 on the flop Boom I flop a Full House and if  I avoid a Q or 7 were down to 5 players and I have 60% of the chips in play. Turn is a blank....but on the river comes the sickest beat I ever took in poker. No it's not a Queen or a 7 those I could of lived with he had 6 outs with those it was the 7th out that he had that was like a kick in the nut$....the RIVER WAS A FREAKING 5 putting Quad 5's up and he wins with his Queen kicker.....WTF

I battle back to be second in chips 4 handed and this same guy is now playing power poker with his stack raising every hand. He made it $16,000 to go there is 24,000 in the pot with the blinds and I wake up with pocket Jacks and move all in with my remaining 28,000. The chip leader calls because he's pot committed and turns over K8 offsuit. Yes I caught him stealing and if I avoid the 3 outer with the King I'm back to chip leader with 4 left...but flop is 79Q..turn is a10...and the river is a 6 giving him a 4 card straight with his 8 to eliminate me in 4th.  I lost 2 sick hands to the same guy on suck outs. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!!

It's Vegas Baby!!

  • Usually that deep into the tournament I wouldn't risk my chip stack especially if I'm the chip leader. On occasion, I'll even muck 10's just based on the fact that I'm pretty stacked and I want to place. Sucks that he sucked out on you though. It's a bad beat, but your a good enough player and seen enough hands where you know you dominate them and be profitable in the long run :)

  • lol that is your sickest beat in poker? Try taking a beat like that playing some high limit cash games.  This article is just garbage.  

    One thing that pisses me off is people that never played poker before the "boom" and then talk about it like they have been playing for years.  Its a joke.  

  • hey golfguru , i'm not sure about  the processor problem . Maybe you can fill me in on that as i've been playing alot of live poker this last 6 weeks . I can tell you that i got a payout on May 1st as well as June 1st  with no problems at all. I've been lucky i guess because i've never had a single problem with  Stars and cashing my checks . Take care and good luck

  • Poker Question,  

    Anyone been paid by Pokerstars since the problems with the processor came out?  I need to make a withdraw but was not sure if my check would cash?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks

  • Ouch loosh that was just gross....but that's why we love poker. Yes be sure to contact me next time your coming to town nothing better than a cold one and exchanging bad beat

  • oh and dont forget  the runner runner j 10 ....pfffffffffff . GOD I LOVE POKER THOUGH !

  • Hey Marco , pretty sick . Thanks for reaching out the other day , i would have loved to hook up for a bit but i didn't  log back into Pregame until yesterday when i got back home . on that day we went and did some indoor skydiving and then there was media day where i slept all day  and finally back to the table on day 4 where im in the SB and everyone folds to the button he min raises , i call with 78 of spades ,bb folds ....flop comes 789 rainbow , i lead out for about 2/3 of the pot trying to look a little weak  as the big stacks were really putting the pressure on the bubble they should. the euro  immediately puts me all in and i knew he didn't have  a set and looked far to obv for j10 so i pretty much insta called  . He shows kq of hearts while he's saying i didn't think you were calling . So at this point he needs runner runner hearts or  kq,k9,q9. turn  comes a 9 and river no doubt was a queen . So sick especially due to the fact  i would have been right there with  about 10 % left. Nonetheless it was an awesome experience and i can't wait for next year already . Next time i'm in town i'll make sure to plan ahead so we can meet . All the best Sir . Take care

  • Both of those hands are ridiculous beats...I have never seen the first one while playing live.  Keep hitting those final tables.