LA Dodgers Problems, is Mark Cuban the Answer?

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LA Dodgers Problems, is Mark Cuban the Answer?

 With the Dodgers and owner Frank McCourt filing for bankruptcy on Monday, I think its safe to say that the Dodgers have hit rock bottom. With the Dodgers looking like they are going to be up for sale sooner rather than later, the question instantly goes to, who? My first instinct (as probably many others) went directly to Mark Cuban. 

Fresh off his first NBA Championship and probably his most quite post season I think that Cuban is the answer for a team that has been through hell and back in the past couple of years between the divorce and some really bad signings that didn't help them. I think that the Dodgers have to sell sooner rather than later because this is all just hurting the organization and they are losing money and interest of their fans. The Dodgers were averaging 43,979 last season and they are already down to 36,074 per game now. This isn't Cuban's first rodeo in that department as when he bought the Mavs in 2000 their attendance averaged just about 16,500 per game and in the next season it jumped up to and average of 19,500 per game. This guy will put people in their seats and will make this team (or any MLB team) very competitive in the near future. 

The question is, why doesn't the MLB or any MLB team want him? I can't answer that. I guess maybe he is a loud mouth and likes to be hands on with his team. Since when is that a bad thing?

All I can say that if I was a Pittsburgh or another small market team I would give just about anything to bring this guy in. He will spend money and pay for big name players to try and bring wins and championships to your city. If you are LA, doesn't that sound a lot better than what the hell is going on there now?

I think so.
  • Cuban SHOULD have a MLB team.  I think it would be great for baseball.  A small market would go NUTS over his presence!  P.S.  I'm such a hypocrite..if he buys the Dodgers and they start doing well..I'll be the first one making my way down to the owner's seat to bump fists with him!

  • I guess you have some points there Donkey, but I think that he would be good for some MLB team, no? I know that he is a little much sometimes, but you cannot deny that he will spend his money and make a team a contender again.

  • Luke, I just looked at the picture you posted of Cuban.  Do I want to see that every night at Dodger Stadium?  I'm used to the quiet dignity of the O'Malley family staying up in the owner's box where they belong.  All of the attention should go to the players on the field.  The Garvey / Hershiser group would bring that dignity to the ballpark.  They also would bring with them well heeled Los Angeles investors.  Cuban can keep his circus act in Dallas.

  • There are lots of other terrible owners out there, ask Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, Houston, KC, or Florida fans. Why are the Dodgers entitled to bad-owner protection when none of these other teams get that handout? I'm a Niner fan and they've had bad ownership for over a decade and no ones crying about how "we deserve better" and are owed something by society for that poor luck. Weren't the Dodgers in the NLCS the year before last? They've had one and a half bad seasons. McCourt should sell and he's clearly a scumbag, but that doesn't mean that MLB should all of a sudden treat the Dodgers differently than they've treated every other team for the last 100+ years. Why not Peter Angelos, who's been sucking the blood out of Baltimore for 17 years now?


  • So Professor, you are a Dodgers fan and wouldn't like to see Cuban own your team?

  • MLB is worried Cuban would become another George Steinbrenner and ruin small market teams by snapping up all the quality free agents for the Dodgers.  I would prefer a local solution, one based in Dodger lore... a group headed by Steve Garvey and Orel Hershiser.  We (Dodger fans) already know what you get when out of towners come in (A parking lot boy from Boston should have NEVER been approved for the purchase of the Dodgers by MLB) .  The Dodgers will be fine once they get a local owner(s) with big pockets.  There is even a move for the fans to buy the Dodgers (like Green Bay).  No more out of towners!

  • Money is the problem & Cuban has plent of it, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?