2010 Belmont Stakes Results

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2010 Belmont Stakes Results

Drosselmeyer is the official winner of the 2010 Belmont Stakes. Once the tote board updates, we will have the official payouts and results from the final leg of the Triple Crown:

# Horse                      Win     Place     Show

#7 Drosselmeyer      $28.00   $11.60    $7.70
#5 Fly Down                           $6.80      $5.10
#11 First Dude                                       $4.90

Exacta: 7/5 $144.50
Trifecta: 7/5/11 $766.00
Superfecta: 7/4/11/8 $10,658.00

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  • Johnny ...You show the superfecta as 7/4/11/8 I think you meant 7/5/11/8. Same amount won I'm sure just one number off.

  • I hit the Tri and the dime super. I boxed Dross, 1st dude, Fly Down, ice box for the TRI and it cost $48.  The dime super, I wheeled the bet: ,5,6,7,11,12 with 5,6,7,11,12 with 5,6,7,11,12 with ALL for $43.20.  I cashed nearly $1300 at the Belmont IRS window.  My goal was to hit the 1st race and use that bankroll and let it ride throughout the day andI hit the $1 EX for $150 in R1.  My claim to fame that day was putting $10 to WIN on #12, Champagne D'oro.  The filly was getting no love at the window and her bloodline is solid, beyers were too, and she was working out well. She paid $81 to WIN and I cashed a $400 ticket. One of best days at Belmont in awhile.

  • nice little $10,658.00 on the super.... anyone hit something decent on the race?