Lawrence Taylor Arrested for Rape

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Lawrence Taylor Arrested for Rape

News reports are claiming Hall of Fame LB Lawrence Taylor has been arrested and charged by the Town of Ramapo police department with raping a 15 year old girl at Holiday Inn Holidome Hotel in Suffern.

Police are expected to have a news conference later this afternoon with more details.

Besides being an amazing football player and the main reason to use the Giants on Super TECMO Bowl, is this guy a total scum bag or what?

  • agree with d-man...cheaper to hop a plane to nv....

  • heard about the pimp thing......but u can tell if girl i s young, under age or close to it. if not sure u dont do it.

    better yet , if pimp involved....move on.

    these guys and the money, call an escort service or hop a flight to Nevada and hit the brothel....dont be screwing around with pimps and young girls...geez

  • from stories read on net- appears she was beaten up by pimp..taken to taylors room....he paid her $300....did the deed..and then the girl texted her uncle telling him what happend...of course uncle went to NYPD..taylor is charged with 3rd degree rape (she is supposedly 16) and it punishable by 1 1/3 to 4 years in prison.  

    one wonders if she had told LT what the deal (her age / situation etc) was if he would have done anything...

  • That's some crazy shit.  That guy has so many endorsement deals and TV appearances for someone who's been in trouble so much...pretty surprising that companies keep throwing money at him.  I wonder if NutriSystems is going to keep airing those dumbass commercials with him and Dan Marino.

  • WOW just woke up and heard this news.

  • I swear Ben Rothlisberger set the whole thing up!!!!

  • I agree it's different if he actually raped her than if he had consensual sex with her. Neither one is right but one is a lot worse than the other. Also even consensual sex with a minor is rape. Even if it was consensual she says it was and he says it was it would still be rape.

  • no way defending LT, but would have not banged Britney in those old school girl videos. lol.

  • Yep, need all the facts, but even if she throws herself at you and has done this with others....come on, even a 15 yr old how old could she look and act, you cannot put yourself in that situation.   Also, did'nt something like this about LT come up around the super bowl??

  • that is one of the things with athletes you always have to consider. is it rape or some chick trying to get paid. like the kobe thing. this chick is banging every single redneck in town and decides to say no to kobe just before butt time? come on.

  • The question is, was it actually rape? I mean, yes, he did have sex with an underaged girl, which is very bad and considered rape, but was it consented? Don't get me wrong, he should do time either way because what he did was wrong, but I'd like to know whether this was a girl's change of mind or something.

    I am not here to back LT. Just curious is all. And Johnny, I've always gotten the impression that he was a dirtball, so this is a shock, yes, but not entirely. The real question is, how in the hell does someone put themselves into a situation like this?

  • Saw this on the news this morning, if it is true he should go to jail they will take care of him there......, you have to be some real "low life" to do something like this.   Being a father of teenage daughter this really upsets me, but guess we should have all of the facts first.