2010 Kentucky Derby Payouts and Results

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2010 Kentucky Derby Payouts and Results

Below you will find the payouts and results from the 2010 Kentucky Derby.  was able to cross the finish line first and cash for all his backers and overcome the muddy track conditions in the 136th running of the Derby.


# Horse                      Win     Place     Show
4 Super Saver          $18.00    $8.80    $6.00
2 Ice Box                                 $11.20  $8.00  
10 Paddy O'Prado                               $7.40

Exacta 4-2 $2=$152.40
Trifecta 4-2-10 $2=$2,337.50
Superfecta 4-2-10-9 $2=$202,569.20

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  • nice score.

  • JD, I bet Super Saver as a futures bet (prop bet) the night before the derby at 12-1 on sportsbook.

  • I also followed Dfresh and hit the exacta box. He posted early the 2-3-4 and then I think he may have added either the 10 or 11 horse. Either way it was a nice hit. I'm sure several followed P6 and played his trifecta box. He posted 1-2-3-added 4 along with 10-11 and 16. I didn't play it not sure what it would have cost to box  it for 1.00 but I'm sure the pay out would have been worth it. just started betting the horses and it can be addictive if your not careful. Only bet small but it is fun. Too old to go all in on anything. Bet for entertainment only

  • Nice. dfresh, you only got the closing line right, or did they have set prop lines up? On the ponies, does not matter what you bet at, you get the closing odds for the pay out.

  • Hit the $2 exacta and the $1 trifecta.  Boxed the 2,3,4,10,14

  • JD, did you hit the exacta?  I actually bet Super Saver last night at 12-1 on sportsbook and hit the 4-2 exacta so it was a great race for me.  I didn't bet any exotics except the exacta.

  • did anyone hit beyond an exacta?

  • $200,000+ for the super on a $2 bet. holy shit...