Is Baseball Stars the greatest baseball video game ever?

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Is Baseball Stars the greatest baseball video game ever?

Modern day video games are very realistic when it comes to stats, names, game play, and graphics. No matter how much of an old school gamer you are, it is very difficult to say that the greatest football game of all time, TECMO BOWL, is as good on paper as the newest Madden. Trust me, I spent a portion of my life in Tony's basement with a group of friends drinking beer and playing tournament after tournament of TECMO. But, even I can't claim as an overall game that TECMO is comparable to Madden. When comparing the actual era, of course TECMO is king, but side by side in 2008, Madden wins in a route.

The other night we were talking about old school sport's game and the topic of baseball games came up. I assumed that Baseball Stars would be crowned the undisputed king of my childhood, but was shocked to find so much dissent in the group. There was the RBI portion who made claim to the MLB and the fact RBI was the first realistic baseball game. Than from the end of the bar, another friend was stunned that we were not including Bases Loaded in the mix as he felt it was the first "great graphics" sports game and was ahead of the curve in terms of visuals. Once the debate became even more heated, Baseball Simulator was even brought up, even though I do not remember even playing it back in the day.

When the dust settled, even though most people stuck to their favorites, the majority ruled that Baseball Stars is the all time disputed baseball game when you base the decision off of the era released. I can recall long hours in my basement with friends playing our league with teams we created and boosting stats with the money made from victories.

In a small Irish Pub in Detroit, a group of people handed the title to Baseball Stars. But, here at, we have a large diverse audience that extends all over this great country of ours. So the question to you my fellow gamers is this:

What is the greatest baseball game of all time based of the era released and why?

  • Dan. Just noticed your response. Baseball Stars 2? WHAT!

  • I actually liked Baseball Stars 2 more than the original...does that make me a bad person?

    Bases Loaded was awesome, as was RBI Baseball -- I still have all 3 in my home, right now.

  • Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest sports game in history. Full rosters, real players, stats. It was the first sports game to do many things. I remember getting it from Toys R Us and playing non-stop using the Lions and Barry Sanders.

  • I have to disagree. MVP Baseball 2005 is the best baseball game ever. My friends and I still play it. My friend actually sent his PS2 memory card to some guy who updates ALL THE ROSTERS. It's insane. We have the 2009 rosters for the 2005 game. I don't know what it is about this game, but I love how it plays. It's so realistic. I'm very disappointed EA doesn't have the MLB rights.

    Anyone else play this game?

  • For nintendo absolutely, my favorite game for the sega genesis was world series baseball 95.  Damn I feel like an old bastard.  LOL

  • Gotta give some love to RBI Baseball here.  FACT: Pinch hitting Big Mac on the AL All-Star team gave you a 73% chance of an out-of-the-park home run on each swing.  I mean, c'mon, this game predicted the future (except Dwight Gooden was able to go 9 innings without ending up in jail).

    While we're at it, am I the only one who would much rather have Tecmo SUPER Bowl???

  • Actually was debating this last night with someone at the bar and made me think of this post. Old school.

  • I liked RBI baseball because it had real player's names, like Mcgwr and Cansco haha, even the side arm pitchers were realistic, i think one was Orsco, I love how they left letters out of the names so they didnt need licensing

  • APBA baseball...nuff said......if you don't know..nevermind...if u do.......u know what I FAR the best baseball game (pre-"baseball stars")..

  • stratomatic is the only boardgame of baseball i remember.

  • i will destroy anyone with the ninja blacksox and am the best ever at this game.

  • no shit sir :)

    Detroit aint that bad, but it is not no CA by any means.

    when i go to NY i do not want to come back.

  • The only thing to do in Detroit is kick your ass and get out of town

    For you in the Southern California area - it would be much like teams visiting the Miami Heat with a few days to spare

  • -13 here. You would be so miserable being in this dump.

    You favored by 2 TDs in CA. I would want to get the game over and get out in the sun to watch sluts and "real time" drive by shootings...

  • I'd put you at a slight -3 favorite if I flew across the country.....I'm a TD favorite playing on the beaches of California.