Is the Big 10 the worst of the worst this season?

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Is the Big 10 the worst of the worst this season?

First off, I am a Big 10 homer. I will be quick to point out that in Bowl Games (despite being in the SEC's backyard), the Big 10 is a coin flip against the SEC in Bowl Games. If you factor out the "choke of all Bowl Game chokers, Ohio State, the upper Big 10 teams have beaten the SEC) I will be also quick to point out that in the Citrus/Capital One Bowl that matches up the top SEC and Big 10 teams not in a BCS Bowl, the "southern boys" have been the "northern boys" bitch the last 10 or so years. Being even a BIGGER Michigan homer, I always will point out with the win over Florida, Michigan improved to 12-4 against historical members of the SEC and 20-5-1 against current members. At the same time, none of this changes the fact as a conference, the Big 10 this season reminds me of the ACC when Florida State was really the only good team and the rest were a bunch of scrubs. So why is a Big 10 fan blasting his conference in 2008? Well, let us take a look at the top of top:

Penn State: The Big 10 version of the 1990's ACC's Florida State. They destroyed Oregon State and have looked amazing in every game so far. They are my sleeper BCS Champion due to the Big 10 being so weak this year and the fact Penn State when given time to prepare is great in Bowl Games:

(2007 they beat #18 Texas A&M in Texas 24-0)

2006 Outback Tennessee W 20-10
2005 Orange Florida State W 26-23
2002 Capital One Auburn L 9-13
1999 Alamo Texas A&M W 24-0
1998 Outback Kentucky W 26-14
1997 Citrus Florida L 6-21
1996 Fiesta Texas W 38-15
1995 Outback Auburn W 43-14
1994 Rose Oregon W 38-20
1993 Citrus Tennessee W 31-13
1992 Blockbuster Stanford L 3-24
1991 Fiesta Tennessee W 42-17

The best of the rest:

Illinois: Rolled by Penn State and already let Missouri put up 50+ on them.

Ohio State: The only good team they have beat in recent years has been Michigan. The big Ohio State vs USC battle turned into a massacre to the delight of anti-Ohio State fans worldwide.

Michigan State: Even though they did not lose like Ohio State did when playing the Pac 10, they went out West already and were downed by Cal.

Wisconsin: Should have lost to Fresno State and were defeated by a team full of freshman at Michigan.

Minnesota: Nice 12 point win over Montana State.......

Northwestern: We should be serious here. Barely beat Duke, Ohio and Iowa. They could easily be under .500, so try and avoid annointing them as a stud team. All the Wildcats are doing is setting themselves up for playing a powerhouse in a Bowl Game and getting embarrased.

I do believe that Penn State could either beat or play a close game against any team in the country. But, when you factor in the Big 10 overall and put them in a tournament format based off level of skill against a comparable team in another conference, is there a major conference out there right now who could not win this mythical tournament?

So, if I think the Big 10 is the bottom of the barrel, who is the cream of the crop? The fact is, no matter what the Big 12 fans say, they are still sitting at #2 to the mighty SEC. The SEC has won three of the past five National Championships (this does not include Auburn being shafted when 13-0 in 2004). If the BCS is the best of the best, than the SEC winning 7 of their past 9 appearances (outscoring other conferences the past four years in the BCS 161-62) is just the proof in the pudding of SEC dominance.

After the SEC and Big 12, the Pac 10's, ACC's and Big East's all sit in the middle with the Big 10 looking up. Interested in thoughts from all the football experts at the forums.

  • They're always high JD - that's not the point.  Let's revisit this after bowl season and see how many teams they get to bowls and how they perform against other conferences.  I honestly don't think there is any comparison between the Big East and other BCS conferences.  It's not even close.  West Virginia had high expectations too, but they left those at East Carolina.

  • I guess I should have been clear that the expectations were high on the Big 10. Even if Ohio State had their RB, they would have still got destroyed.

  • Me too - no contest.  Plus, the Big East has the 3 WORST coaches in the country (Greg Robinson, Dave Wannstedt and Bill Stewart).

  • NO WAY the Big East beats the Big 10. I'd take Michigan St, Penn St, Wisconsin and Ohio St over any Big East team.

  • SEC RULES!!!

  • They suck this year in particular JD - just admit it.  West Virginia was supposed to be the big dog and already has two losses, which is the same as Michigan.  I bet Rich Rodriguez is laughing all the way to the bank right now...

  • Northwestern would not beat South Florida.

    But to be fair to the Big East, they are not the big dogs they used to be since the ACC raided all their talent.

  • I almost forgot about Northwestern going 5-0 for the first time in 46 years.  They could probably beat any team in the Big East as well LOL

  • And Penn State has surpassed expectations while Michigan State could beat any team from the Big East.  Tell me one Big East team that has done better than expected so far...

  • Based on pre-season expecations, Big 10 has been the most disappointing. Ohio State and Wisconsin both look horrible.

  • I disagree and think the Big East is by far the worst conference this year.  They don't have one team that deserves a BCS bid.

  • So for another year, I will concede to your Chuck O' Luck.