Where were you on 9-11?

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Where were you on 9-11?


I was still with Ford Motor Company as an investigator. Was working on a case and printing out some documents for a meeting. The printer was in this middle common area where they also had TVs etc. I walk to get my print outs and see all these people watching the TV. At this time people thought it was just a horrible accident (1st plane). People were talking and wondering how someone could have lost control of a plane or what malfunction could have caused that to happen. No one (at this point at least) even thought it was a terrorist who flew the plane into the building.Than the 2nd plane hit and at that moment everyone knew it was no accident. People rushed to go online to see what was going on, but CNN, FOX, DRUDGE were all down due to server overload. I called a friend of mine who worked for the airlines and she said they had military and police in the airport running around and all flights were grounded.

Shortly after the building came down and the feeling inside was surreal. There was the one guy who as the buildining crumbled broke down into tears. People had radios going all over to try and get the latest news updates. Soon after Ford ordered all employees to exit all work buildings and head right home. Streams of cars leaving all the offices, plants and businesses all over. The breaking news broadcasts and rumors on what was going on.

My good friend worked midnights and I knew he was still sleeping. I called him and said what happened and he did not believe me. To say the words, "I think we are at war" was pretty weird to say.

I still remember at night with people waving flags. The local grocery store had trucks all over getting filled with food and supplies to send to NY. In a weird way, a lot of good came out of that day. It seemed everyone across the board at that moment became one country regardless of color of skin, who you voted for or what you did for a living. Sad that it took something that horrific for people to actually give a shit about one another.

What were you doing on 9-11?

  • Vegas was a ghost town. I was with Ford as mentioned at the time and we went to Vegas for a business trip (undercover for SEMA/APEX) and there was like 1 blackjack table going.

  • I was a senior in high school and in Chemistry 2 class doing an experiment.  We were required to wear goggles.  Someone came in and told my teacher to turn on the TV and she asked which channel.  The other teacher said it didn't matter and ran back out of the room.  So I get interested and started watching the TV.  It was about 10 minutes after the first plane hit.  I got kicked out of hte lab for taking off my goggles, but I figured watching that was more important and then the 2nd plane hit.  I spent the rest of the day in my English teachers room watching TV with the rest of my friends in that class.  My school was in total lockdown. We had off campus eating for lunch, which meant we could leave and come back for an hour, but not that day.  We couldn't even walk outside.  They didn't have enough lunches to serve all the kids because nobody ever ate at the school so they had the guys volunteer to not eat.  The funniest part of it all was that it was the one day I didn't think I'd need my cell phone, so I left it in my truck.  I had so many missed calls by 2pm when they let some of us leave.  That was such a crazy day.  Looking up at the sky and knowing with certainty that there was not one plane flying overhead.

  • On 9/11 I was working as a government contractor at a small Naval installation near the Norfolk Naval Base.  I saw the damage to the WTC by the first plane on a wide screen TV in the conference room.  At the time, reports said that it was a small plane that had crashed.  After the second plane hit, the base I was on was put on high alert.  Our base was in the flight path of Norfolk International.  With the Pentagon onIy a 25 minute flight away, I can tell you that it was an eerie feeling having so many planes flying so low directly overhead.  Later I helped a young lady change a tire by the side of the road.  I always took my job working for DOD very seriously, but even moreso afterwards.

  • JD, the problem is you are right. It did take something like that for us too care about each other. Now? Everything is back to the way it was until we get hit again. And we will get hit again. In my opinion, it's not if, it's when, where and how bad?

  • Wow Matt, that's some intense stuff. It's hard to believe it's been seven years already. I have a family friend that worked on the 86th floor of the WTC. We thought for sure he had died. But amazingly when we called his father he told us the company he worked for had moved two weeks earlier to another location. Imagine that? Just one of many stories from that crazy day.

  • It's been on my mind all day.  

    I am a medic in the Boston area and I had just dropped my car off to get fixed on my day off.  I'm at home as it is all unfolding, glued to the TV screen.  Suddenly I get a call from my work telling me I have to come in.  I tell my boss I have no car.  "We'll come and get you, you're going to NYC."   We were going to try and assist with any rescue efforts at ground zero.  Excited and scared I got my stuff together and about a half hour later I was in a meeting being told where I was going and how I was going to get there.  Then all of a sudden everything changed and the weight of what had actually occurred hit us all at once as my boss came in to the room and told us all to "stand down".  We were not going to NYC.  There would be no rescue effort we were told.  "Why not?" we asked.  "Because they believe everyone is dead, there's no one to rescue."  As it turns out, emergency rooms in the area did not receive a lot of traffic from Ground Zero for that reason.    

    Recalling it even now brings a tear and even though I'm not really a member of this site I enjoy it and I thought I'd share that.    

  • I was working, driving a delivery truck down to the Jersey shore when I heard about it on the local Q102 station.  They usually have hoaxes on Friday mornings, so when my partner started saying wow, i clearly remember saying "Oh c'mon, you're so gullable".  Well, turned on Howard Stern and heard the real story and I was stunned.  Watching the national guard hop into action immediately was amazing...everybody I delivered to that day was just in shock, I'll never forget it...the whole nation felt like it was in slow motion.

  • I was staying with a friend in Vegas trying to decide whether I was moving back here or to LA.  We had gone out to Play It Again Sam's the night before to watch the Giants/Broncos game and hit a parlay on Broncos and OVER.  Bad part was watching Ed McCaffrey fracture his leg, as he was on my fantasy football team.  Woke up the next morning pretty hung over, turned on the TV and was like WTF.  Phone reception was pretty bad at my buddy's place so I had trouble reaching family and friends, which was also scary.  I remember going to a casino later in the day and it was like a ghost town.  I ended up moving to LA about a week later and lived there about 3 years before heading back to Vegas to work for Pregame.  Friends and family never meant so much to me as they did that day.

  • Chuck, a root canal and a terrorist attack all at once. Talk about a bad day!!!

  • It was the week before I was to start up with Fall classes at Ohio State.  I was working at Wendy's that summer to make some extra beer money for school. I was taking my lunch break getting ready to bite into my big bacon burger when i heard the 'breaking news' come from the local radio station. I didn't realize how bad it was til I got home after my shift and turned on the tv!

  • Just got home from work and was getting ready to go to bed. Was flipping through the channels and saw it on TV. About 5 minutes later, got a call from work telling me to come in. Spent the rest of the day at work  waiting for the next plane. I  am only a couple of hundred yards away from NEADS headquarters, the military air control that everybody heard about that day. Everyone was at pucker factor 12!

  • I was on my way to Mcdonalds for breakfast... Heard about it on the radio

  • I was sitting in the Dentist's Office having a ROOT Canal. My appointment was at 7:00 am Central. My Mouth was all "Numbed Up" & the Dental Assistant runs into the Room & said "We're being ATTACKED"........Almost swallowed the "Stuff" in  my Mouth!!!

  • I got out of the shower and my wife said a plane had hit the WTC and the news was reporting it was a small plane. I took a look at the hole and saw the smoke and said, that was no small plane. I had a business appointment I had to meet and as soon as I got in my car the radio reported a 2nd plane had hit the other tower. I felt a sick wave a nausea sweep over me as I knew then this was something the likes of which we had never dealt with, frankly I concluded my business and met with friends to watch the proceedings from a local watering hole. We were all folks with good and responsible jobs that rarely are in a bar with a drink prior to 5 pm, that day was the exception. We all sat around a big table in shock and horror and total anger all mixed together. I can recall as a youngster the day John Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, it was that same sense of total, 100% shock.

  • I think I watched news non-stop for days after that. The one video the foreign guy had with the plane flying over his head was the most amazing of all the footage.