Johnny Detroit's BIGGEST Junkie Bet of All Time:

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Johnny Detroit's BIGGEST Junkie Bet of All Time:

Anyone have the phone number to GA? Seriously. Not sure how much more of a junkie you could get.....But, here we go. I will paste the parley and you can figure it our for yourself:

Wager details for ticket number 22796358-1:

Wager Type:    Parlay (2 team)
Wager Status:    Pending
Risk / To Win Amount:    200.00 / 8,994.34 (USD)    Accepted 9/8/2008 11:53 PM - EST
Item #1
Wager Type:    Money Line
Outcome:    Win
Sport / Period:    Lotto Misc.  /  Game
     Mega Millions Jackpot Winner 09/09  9/9/2008 10:30:01 PM - (EST)
Opponent:    No Jackpot Winner Today
Item #2
Wager Type:    Money Line
Outcome:    Pending
Sport / Period:    Lotto Misc.  /  Game
     Powerball Jackpot Winner 09/10  9/10/2008 10:30:01 PM - (EST)
Opponent:    No Jackpot Winner Today

Yes. I bet a parlay on the lottery. Random balls tossed in an air machine. I bet a parlay on the little plastic balls. Sick, I know. Well, it was Monday Night Football and the Broncos/Raiders game was about to start and I took the Broncos, Broncos to score 1st, Broncos to win first half, etc. There was no offshore tips, line moves or insider information. My reasoning was the fact that Jamarcus Russell is a bum. A great athlete with the brain of someone who just had a rock fall on their head. Even in college they had a limited playbook for him because he was not able to lead any type of complex offense. Is it possible down the road he turns out to be an okay QB, sure. But, as of Monday he was still an overrated bum in my eyes. So there I am laying in bed after the Broncos victory hoping there was some late night badminton or cricket I could bet on (seriously). After playing around with all the stuff on the board I see the odds on the lottery and say "what the hell?"

Going into Wednesday, I have the big leg of the parlay won since someone won the Mega Millions. If the Power Ball cashes for some 92 year old guy with no family (isn't that how it always seem to end up?),  I cash in one of the biggest parlay wins in my gambling career. Will I be forced to put an asterisk by the win since it was on the lottery? Maybe. But does this get me on the "Junkie Hall of Fame" first ballot when I hang up the gambling career? For sure......
  • That is the funniest thing I have ever heard!

  • Im wondering also what book has lottery odds.

  • what book has odds on the lottery?!?!  I want action :).  Better luck next time Johnny...

  • Bummer.  Just read this on the powerball home page: There were no jackpot winners Wednesday, but 644,738 players across the nation won more than $5.1 Million in prizes in America's Game.

  • the first leg with the big odds did. was going to hedge to win like a 1000, but let it ride....

  • :(

  • Did ya hit it JD?

  • Yo, what website can i get those odds at?  :)

  • Johnny, you have taken gambling to a new level. You are a definately a first ballot hall of famer.  Who needs football when we can bet on the lottery? LOL

  • I'm likin' that play JD! Damn, now I need to find another  book since mine doesn't give odds on lottery outcomes.  BOL to ya!

  • If it wins, I might be too embarrassed to collect! lol

  • JD,

           Might need this

  • oh ed

  • Guess I was still stinging from not hitting that $46,000 parlay when the Dolphins failed to score at the end on the Jets.

  • Wow, you just took degenerate gambler to a whole new level :)