So what are you listening to on you iPod?

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So what are you listening to on you iPod?

Friday is usually my boring day at Pregame. I have to make sure all my projects are caught up and in progress so I can pick up where I left off on Monday (or over the weekend if needed). To help get past the boredom of checking SEO stats or making sure all of my emails are cleared, I have my iTunes running on the iMac shuffling a mixture of tunes.

As of this moment at 11:40am on Friday, the next 10 songs to be played are:

Me and Bobby McGee Janis Joplin
Midnight Rider The Allman Brothers Band
Mississippi Queen Mountain
Night Fever Bee Gees
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles
Strictly Business EPMD
Ace of Spades Motor Head
Look on Down from the Bridge Mazzy Star
The Watcher Dr. Dre
Werewolves of London Warren Zevon

So look down and let everyone know what you are listening to as we close to the 1/2 way mark on Friday.

  • I am rocking to this right

  • Paul Wall

  • Current 5:

    Styx- Renegade

    The Mamas and Papas- California Dreamin

    Curtis Mayfield- Superfly

    The Who- Where Are You

    Lou Reed- Walk on the Wild Side

  • people under the stairs

  • Working late (peace and quit with everyone asleep):

    You Gots to Chill EPMD

    The Chain Fleetwood Mac

    I Just Want to Make Love to You Foghat

    Sweet Child of Mine Guns N' Roses

    HIgh Rollers Ice T

    Heart of the City Jay Z

    White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane

    By Your Side Sade

    If You Want Me to Stay Sly and the Family Stone

    I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister

  • Bought my wife 2nd row to Chesney for his show at Ford Field. I am not a big concert fan.

  • Kenney Chesney and most country.  the Young Dubliners, The Police, Jack Johnson, Huey Lewis, Colbie Callait, Boston

  • I saw Coldplay on Saturday here in Vegas and wasn't too impressed with their new stuff.  The old stuff was still good enough to make it a great show though (read my blog).  

    No iPod for me though - I still got my old Walkman LOL

  • Lots of hard music; Post-Industrial, Grime, Speedcore & Glitchcore (stuff like EndUser, Knifehandchop, I:Gor, Converter, Hellfish, DJ/Rupture, Lightning Bolt & The Bug), but Beck's new album is getting a lot of play on my list.

  • Lil'  Wayne

  • Jimmy Buffet........Margaritaville

  • Kid Rock has his show this weekend.

    Listening to some Dylan right now.

  • There is only one song I listen too at the moment and that is from OUR boy Kid rock "All summer long" hell yeah.......................................... The vidio is even better..

  • Duffy....beggin for mercy......she's hot at least to me

    Kid Rock...his new song...not sure the name off of his back up singers is hot.......on Letterman the other week

    AC DC

    I listen to bout everything

  • He's good, pretty mellow. Check him out on Youtube.