What was your most exciting sports moment seen LIVE?

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What was your most exciting sports moment seen LIVE?


I have seen tons of great sporting events live as shared in an earlier blog post. When reviewing my old blog posts and reading the one about "overall" events it got me thinking about what "moment" was the best. I racked my brain over and over and went through all the shots, goals, bodyslams (Steve Austin jumping from a zamboni onto Vince at RAW sounds cheesy but it was insane at the Joe) and touchdowns witnessed from the stands. The one moment that sticks out above all the rest is when Magglio hit the home run to send the Tigers to the World Series. It was a cold night and the Labatt Blue was flowing! When he hit that ball all your heard was the screams and shouts from 40,000+ people. Bodies flying everywhere; hugging and high fiving like the whole stadium was long lost best friends. It was almost surreal how electric that place was when you realized the team that had the worst record in history the year before was now going to the World Series. I forgot how long the cheering and screaming lasted. It seemed like forever as it carried out into the streets. No one was acting crazy like in 1984 as everyone was just enjoying the moment. Could not have been more of a perfect sports moment.

Looking forward to hearing some amazing moments from everyone else.

  • Watching the Saints win the Super Bowl

  • Christian Laettners buzzer beater vs kentucky in 92 at the spectrum.in philly.  Didnt realize at the time it would still be talked about nearly 20 years later and probably many years to come.

  • Cory Slessinger from Nebraska running a dive play against Florida for 22 yards and a TD in the National Title Game in 1994 in the Orange Bowl to win the national title for Nebraska, leaving Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis in the dust!  I was there in person.

    Second...Christian Lattner making that turn around shot for Duke against Kentucky.....Grant Hills expression will live in infamy.

    Third - Team USA making goal in Hockey in the Olympics

    Fourth - Anytime Texas, Notre Dame or Penn State gets beat in football.  

  • Opening day makes me think of the Tigers win to go to the World Series.

  • I may have been alot younger but I'll never forget Joe Carter's walk-off to win the World Series in 1993

  • Vince Young, Rose Bowl...4th and 6 vs USC.

  • The 1972 Olympic basketball finals when we lost to the Russians. About half the people in the arena were Americans and there was close to a riot when the game was over. I was in the Army then and stationed just west of Munich in  Augsberg. I was at the Olympics almost every day. If you like sports NOTHING compares to being at the Olympics live.

  • Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals when John Paxton nailed a 3 pointer, burying the Suns, and resulting in the Bulls first 3 Peat. Shortly afterwards Michael Jordan, retired from basketball, and attempted  playing baseball before returning to the NBA..

  • I have witnessed in person:

    Game 6 of the 1991 World Series.  Kirby's heroics.

    Nolan Ryan's 300 victory.

    The Packers win the 1996 NFC Championship game.

    Wisconsin's 1994 Rose Bowl upset over UCLA.

    Tiger Woods announcement going pro (snuck into the media tent...3rd row behind ESPN.)

  • Even though college football is my favorite, a winning HR in MLB is the most exciting of all sports in my opinion. I mean, how could you top the hobbling Kirk Gibson nailing one out for the Dodgers?

  • 2003 . Game 7 ALCS  .Aaron Boone's home run.

  • I was at the bar watching the OSU-MIA FLA game. That was an amazing ending for sure. Too bad they had to play the SEC the last few years....

  • tyrone prothros catch at bryant denny stadium in 05. It was where he caught the ball behind the southern miss players head and flipped into the endzone. It was electric.

  • 4th down in the Miami Fl/Ohio St National Championship football game - sack at goal line ended the game in overtime.