Finally switched to a Mac.....

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Finally switched to a Mac.....

I switched to an IMac from my DELL XPS and it was a decision I do not regret.

First, the fact I have ONE CHORD. ONE, UNO, 1. Not 50. The keyboard and mouse are wireless and so is the printer. I hooked up a Time Capsule that serves as a router and backup device. It took minutes to set up and use. I clicked one button on each MAC (two Mac Books and the I Mac) and it synced them, set up the back up schedule and had me online. It was not rocket science on settings and installing programs and troubleshooting everything. The ease of everything to me is like night and day. I never took the time to go thru the steps to set up a network with my DELL and TOSHIBA laptops. With the Mac it took one click and all of a sudden everything in my house was synced and able to share files, etc.

The fact it is a MAC OS, MAC CPU, MAC keyboard, etc etc makes my life easier. If I had problems with installing VISTA I called Microsoft. They sent me to DELL. In the end they were on 3 way blaming each other on why it would not work. The tech support from Mac is amazing and very professional.

Oh yeah, and for all my Windows based stuff, clicking the Boot Camp icon allowed me to set up Vista on my Mac on some of the available space. There is software where I can jump from Mac OS and Windows with a click.

Toss in how Apple deals with everything. I did my rebate online. No UPC, no mailing, no forms. I went to their web site put in my receipt # and it told me the amount I had coming and processed everything. I can make appointments at the Apple Store online and actually deal with someone who knows what they are talking about.

Not putting any Apple stickers on my Caddy anytime soon, but I am officially a Mac customer now.

This is the complete CPU below. Mine came with the wireless keyboard and mouse, so picture even those chords not there:

  • Thanks for the info JD - you know what they say, once you go MAC, you never go back!

  • Im hoping my next comp is a MacBook Pro...waiting til my current Dell wears out though, it's a little pricey just to run out and get.  Nice purchase JD...

  • The thing that amazed me is the fact the computer itself is in the monitor. So the picture above is all you need. Pay the $50 for the upgrade and that mouse and keyboard will be wireless.

  • I have a Time Capsule and it backs up everything. Very rarely do you hear about someone having issues with a Mac.

    Marco, the thing is I installed VMWARE Fusion and i can run MAC OS and WINDOWs from the same desktop. Best of both worlds. No brainer IMO.

    Matty, the guy gave me the student discount. It was $1850, but I got $100 discount, Free Printer and a $300 IPOD Touch free. Plus I am now selling my DELL XPS and equipment for $1-1500. So really, I was able to switch to something 10x better for free.

  • Make sure to backup on a regular basis buddy's macbook harddrive crashed and now it's costing 2500 bucks to retrieve holiday photos.  

  • How much did the whole thing cost ya JD?

  • Well, Well, Well do you have any idea how happy this post makes me JD. As the old guy at Pregame (RJ & JD always busting my balls) it's great to see you come over to the dark  As the old uncool guy I have had a Mac from day one. RJ always busting my balls as a Mac Guy. It's nice to know I was ahead of you in something other than age JD.

    I have the exact same set up you bought on my pregame desk as I type this reply..Pretty Sweet ain't it!!