What big time sporting events have you seen live?

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What big time sporting events have you seen live?

Being a sports fan, it is always exciting to experience a big time event live.  It could be the Super Bowl or even seeing Hulk Hogan bodyslam Andre at Wrestlemania III. Below is a list of interesting and exciting events I have seen in person and would love to hear some of the things other forum members have seen live. Here is my breakdown of events seen live:

Super Bowl- Pitt/Seattle
World Cup- (not final), but when it was in the US I was at the SilverDome
Masters- No, but have went to the Ryder Cup
World Series- Tigers/Cardinals
NBA Finals- Yes Pistons/Various
BCS Championship- No, been have been to BCS games and countless Bowl Games (from Orange to Motor City)
NCAA Basketball Final- No, but Elite 8 and Sweet 16
Boxing- Seen Mayweather defend his title in Vegas

Wrestlemania- Say what you want, but it was fun to be at
USA/Soviet Union- Saw some hockey matches in the 80's
MLB All Star Game- The one in Detroit + HR Derby etc
Stanley Cup- Wings/Various
Arena Football- Went to the games when the Detroit Drive seemed to win every year
Kentucky Derby- Do not remember much besides alot of titties and mint julep

Interested to get some stories about any events listed above and others not mentioned like the Olympics.

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  • wrestlemania 3 silverdome never seen so many

    people in my life

    Celtic/Ranger old firm darby in glasgow scardest i have ever been in my life google biggest rivalries this comes up top 5 any sport

  • Was reading over and wanted to update BCS Championship and SEC Title Game to the list for me.

  • - Mark Buehrle's perfect game vs. Tampa Bay> Ugh. I remember when Verlander pitched his no-hitter. I had season tickets and was burnt out from going to every game so I stayed home. Still sick about it.

  • - One or two games in each of the Bulls' last THREE NBA Finals appearances (won them all)

    - "I'm back!" -- Jordan's first game back from baseball vs. the Orlando Magic

    - Illinois routs then-No. 1 Wake Forest at Assembly Hall in 2005 Big Ten/ACC Challenge

    - 2005 NCAA Final Four and Title Game in St. Louis

    - 2005 World Series Gms 1 and 2 . . . Sox won both

    - Mark Buehrle's perfect game vs. Tampa Bay

    - 2003 MLB All-Star Game at Comiskey

    - Super Bowl XLI: Colts pound Bears

    Basketball is by far my favorite sport and I went to over 100 Bulls games in the '90s. We Chicagoans were spoiled with Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Grant, Kukoc, etc. Still, the best game I ever witnessed first hand was at the Allstate Arena in the 2005 Elite Eight -- the Illini's unbelievable and improbable comeback win against Arizona. I will never forget the ROAR in the crowd when Deron Williams rolled around a pick and nailed a three to tie up what was once a 15-point deficit. Goosebumps.


  • 2008 AFL Grand Final Hawthorn 18.7.115 d Geelong 11.23.89 @ MCG.  

    2006/07 Australia 419 d England 159 & 161 @ MCG.  SK Warne bowls Strauss for 700 - Boxing Day 2006.

  • It was a beautiful late summer day at Dodger Stadium.  The Dodgers were playing the Cubs.  As the players exchanged positions on the field between innings late in the game, two guys ran out to center and spread out an American flag.  I was sitting in the front row in left field and was horrified as one sprayed a fluid onto the flag as the other guy bent down and fumbled with a lighter.  Rick Monday, who was taking his position in center for the Cubs, swooped in and grabbed the flag before it could be ignited.  As the intruders were being led away by security, the crowd started to sing God Bless America spontaneously.  The organist caught on and started to play very softly in the background as the crowd sang.  I had tears in my eyes.  I guess you just had to be there.  The Dodgers traded for Monday the next year.  

  • Ryan Leaf 16. Man, did he turn out to be a total bust. I remember the analysts debating him or Manning.

  • 1998 Rose Bowl. Michigan 21, Ryan Leaf 16

  • Little late night topic starters.

  • I have been to so many I cannot count.  

    A few highlights-

    4 National Title Games which 3 of them Nebraska won all 3.  1994, 95 and 97 - 1995 at Feista Bowl when NU creamed Florida was a great game, but beating Miami in 94 with Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis for Ozzys first National title as head coach was simply the wildest and carziest sporting event I have ever been at and I cried like a baby....it was just an unreal experience.  I was on the sidelines.

    Texas - USC national Title Game - awesome- sideline pass from ESPN radio...great deal!!

    MLB- Went to the Cubs game in the playoffs where the guy caught the ball over the rail.  Later got assulated outside the Cubby Bear Bar in Wrigglyville.....crazy night.

    Tyson -Holyfield fight when Tyson bit off his ears

    NCAA March Madness regionals - 5 different times

    Been to the last 5 Big 12 Basketball Tourneys

    1984 Olympics in LA - Awesome

    2 Super Bowls - Dallas and Pittsburgh was a great game.

    My sons Baseball Championship when he was 14, he hit a grand slam to win the whole game, bottom of 9th- MY PROUDEST MOMENT AS A HUMAN BEING!!  

  • Seen a few bigtime games but the best was.

    Jack morris's shut out 10 inning masterpiece in game 7 of  the world series in 91.when chuck knob. faked out the braves to save the game.

  • Seeing Nebraska upset the Alabama Crimson Tide, and their late great coach Bear Bryant. Seeing Creighton upset Indiana State and Larry Bird in the conf tourny.

  • I forgot the Kentucky Derby. Now that was a hoot. We sat three rows from trackside and saw absolutley nothing. It was a few years ago when they had to put down the filly---and we didn't even realize it happened until an hour after the race. THAT'S how little you can see unless you are up in Millionaire's Row.

  • 2.) I was there also. The night State beat UCONN was a little more exciting for me :)

    4) I went to the final TIgers/Yankees game at the old stadium and the first Tigers/Yankees game at the new one.

  • 1. 1997 Game 7 of World Series Marlins win over Celeveland in 11 innings. I have never seen a place errupt like pro player stadium did when Edgar Renteria hit the single to bring home Craig Council.

    2. UNC Tarheels over Michigan State in Detroit @ Ford Field 2009.

    3. Dale Earnhardt winning his first Daytona 500.

    4. Final game played in Yankee Stadium (although I am not a yankee fan, I went with my brother who is and must say there was something special about that night). I was pissed that they didnt mentioned Torre's name nor show his photo in any of the cerremonies though. That is wrong!

    5. Any Miami Dolphins home game or playoff game, unfortunately in the last 11 years since I have had season tickets there hasnt been much to brag about, but I still love watching the fins play on Sunday!