What is the last junkie bet you made?

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What is the last junkie bet you made?

You know what I am talking about. That late night bet that you make when you are up OR down (lol) on some sport or event  you do not know anything about. The reason I bring this up is because around midnight or so I was adding up my WNBA for the week (yes, I said WNBA) and realized how well the week ended with Seattle covering last night. I went into full junkie mode and clicked to see if anything was available to bet on. Not finding anything to bet, I clicked horses and see there are some horses running in Australia. With a few minutes to post I click the pending race and scan the names and see TICTACS. Wait....I love tic tacs! Those little orange pieces of heaven. That settles it, $100 across..... I wake up to see this:

Wager details for ticket number 21265893-1:

Wager Status: Win
Risk / To Win Amount: 300.00 / (USD)    Accepted 6/30/2008 0:00 AM - EST
Amount Paid:    417.00
Desc: Jun-29 AUA R6 100.00 USD WPS 1

Sometimes the "gambling gods" give bonus points for being a real junkie! So what was your last junkie bet?
  • Celebrity Apprentice. That is a good one. lol.

  • Yesterday, I bet on the Euro 2008 final and went for the biggest payout on a parlay (Germany and OVER).  Of course it was Spain and UNDER.

  • I bet on Pakistani handball every so often

  • I bet on Trace Adkins to win the Celebrity Apprentice, and he almost did!  :D

  • I've won on cricket! How, I have no idea!

  • lol @ marco...thats the first thought that popped into my mind too.  My last junkie bet, my friends and I were bored at 10:00 a few weeks back and we all put money on Detroit Red Wings -1.5 in a game against Dallas.  They got up 3-0 early, and made for a fun night

  • it won though! only a problem if it loses.

  • JD I'm starting to think you might have a problem...lol

  • I bet a Buddy(6 Pack of Coors Light), Obama won't win the Election!

    Still Pending!!!!!!