Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers OH MY!

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Pregame Blogs
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Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers OH MY!

This is the schedule for Detroit sport's fans tonight:

7:05 Detroit Tigers vs. Minnesota Twins (going to the game)
8:00 Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins (game #1 of Stanley Cup)
8:30 Detroit Pistons vs Boston Celtics (game #3 of the Eastern Conference Finals)

The dilemma I am having is do I go see the 2nd worst team (record wise) in baseball or hit a sports bar and watch the Wings and Pistons? I have been to tons of Tiger's games this year already due to having season tickets and not overly excited about seeing this HUGE matchup tonight vs the Twins.

Need some help here!

  • Funny a few weeks ago I hit a 3 team A and R with all the detroit teams.....But I don't feel confident with these 3 match-ups to play all three again.....I think you go to the bar and watch the other two games........

  • i hope my twins kick your tigers ass again :-D  i think all your DET teams are going down tonight!!! :(

  • Love the Pens in the series.