Jim Rome is like that show Seinfeld....

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Jim Rome is like that show Seinfeld....

You either love it or hate it. For example, EVERYTIME I come to Las Vegas RJ tries getting me to watch a TIVOed episode to convert me to the Seinfeld side. The end result trip after trip is the same, the show is still not funny. Sorry Seinfeld fans, there is nothing funny about this TV Show. I would rather watch the same Family Guy episode 1000 times than what people would consider the funniest Seinfeld episode once.

In regards to Jim Rome, he could possibly be the most annoying person on the radio/TV. I thought my all time most hated sports radio jock was the Sport's Babe/Pig, but Rome takes the prize. Outside of his ability to get the biggest names in sports on his show, his arrogant drivel makes me want to kick in my radio when driving.

So where do you stand?

Love Rome or hate him?

  • rome readio o.k, rome tv BAD!!!!

  • I am impartial on Rome and Seinfeld.  Neither a love nor hate for either.  However, I do ABSOLUTELY HATE Sandy Clough, a radio personality on 104.3 The FAN here in Denver.  He is the most arrogant SOB I've ever listened to.  The guy loves to hear himself talk and rarely gives callers a chance to speak.  Even when he agrees with what the caller is saying he never allows them to finish their thought and just jumps right in, talking over the caller and adding his opinion.  When he is wrong (which is quite often) and called out he resorts to infantile behaviors such as TALKING EXTREMELY LOUD, calling the caller names and trying to belittle the caller with his over the top vernacular.

    If you think Rome is bad...check out this douche bag and I almost guarantee you will hate him more.

  • Yeah Seinfeld and Sopranos are the two best shows of all time...good call Tony.

  • Rome is an idiot ego maniac whose cult following of Jungle Dwellers are the most annoying and non informed sports radio fans on the planet.

    I DISAGREE with Seinfeld...a Killer show!!!  Kramer is the best TV sitcom Character in the last 15 years.....and George is awesome.  

  • Rome blows

    Agree with JD on South Park. Those guys are brilliant. The way they mix in current events with the show is simply amazing.

  • Jim Rome is so fucking annoying.  He's not interesting, and he just talks about how much everyone else sucks.  Maybe he should look in the mirror.

  • Rome's act is VERY Tired..............

  • cant believe you don't like Seinfeld.......watch the reruns all the time, classic  show.....Rome can do without but Frank Callendo

    does great impression of him

  • Have to admit the pimp slap in the video above is classic.

  • Romey has good guests and pulls off some great interviews. he can get annoying, but he is still one of the people i like to listen to on the radio.

  • We agree on that JD. I think the two writers for South Park are both brilliant and innovative. The one they did on the Patriots had me in tears. I think I watch it like once a day it's so funny. Also, the ones where Butters goes to bi-curious camp and the hatchet job they did on parents who allow their daughters to look up to Paris Hilton were classics as well.

  • South Park to me is the most brilliant comedy of all time though. The way they can mix in stupid and brilliance while tackling issues without actually saying it is classic. The one when Tom Cruise was hiding in the closet (in reference to him being a pillow biter). Of the preschool vote for class president when they were poking fun at the vote in FLA.

  • I think you are in the vast minority on that one JD. I believe The Family Guy is overrated. It has its moments but some people would say Peter fighting with a chicken for 5 minutes of the show isn't funny at all. Decent show but nothing special in my opinion. However, I will say it's a lot funnier than Jim Rome who really isn't funny at all.

  • I like comedy that I can turn my brain off and laugh.

    Married with Children

    Family Guy

    Seinfeld is not funny. At all.

  • I actually don't watch ESPN except for their college football and basketball coverage. It turned into Comedy Central around 1997 and at some point, I just had to pull the plug. At some point, the ESPN personalities became bigger than the sports itself and I have no interest in watching that kind of coverage. It isn't for serious sports fans like us. That's why I like the CFB coverage so much. They actually have some guys on that panel that tell you things of interest. Seriously, their NFL coverage isn't fit for a 5-year old.