With football around the corner.....

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With football around the corner.....

It makes me think of my first involvement with gambling. Running those infamous white football cards. You know the ones with the 9-1 on a 4-teamer with the note at the bottom:

All ties lose
For entertainment purposes only

By a show of hands, what % of you made your first "really" bet on a  football ticket? Shit, I remember, always being 3-0 and having that last game to go (this was before I knew what the hell a hedge was). The last game you needed NEVER won. It was never the first game on the ticket that lost as those things blue balled you more than the slutty looking chick who does not put out.

Why do street books and casinos love parlay cards so much? On average, the house edge in Baccarat is 1.06%. Blackjack is around 0.43% with Atlantic City Rules, 0.18% with Vegas rules. Let it Ride around 3.51%. Slot machines anywhere from 2-15%. Now onto parlay cards. The average street books pays 9-1 on a 4 teamer, which results in about a 46% house edge. Even with the best odds offshore at 12-1 the house edge still remains 29%, which correlates to the odds of the biggest casino sucker bet (outside of the Big Wheel), Keno. You see, the actual odds on a 4 team parlay are 15-1 which leaves the house with only an 11% edge or around the house edge for prop bets at the craps table. The more teams the player picks the higher the payouts become. You would think the house edge would remain constant compared with the lower combinations, but actually the house edge goes higher and higher with each team you add on. Hit a nice 8 teamer and get back 100-1. 100-1, wow, that is $1000 for my $10 bet. Sure, that is all fine and dandy, but at 100-1 the house is still keeping a 65% edge on the player. One offshore book pays out 2000-1 on a 12 teamer. House edge? 58%.

  • I've NEVER bet a Card. I always figured if I could pick 2 of 3 right.........I would be on the $$$$$ end.

  • Never heard of the football sheets? Wow.....

  • I've never heard of those cards.   The first betting I had done was just betting on a game or event  with someone I knew.   I got a guy to give me 25-1  odds on the first Holyfield vs. Tyson fight.  My brother got the fight on PPV at his house and the guy was talking big  all day about how Holyfield wasn't going to go a full round.  He wanted to bet $100,  and he was surprised when I said I'd take it if he gave me the Vegas odds. (it went down to 6-1 by the time the fight started, but he agreed to the 25-1) Then he backed down,  saying he didn't want to take that much money from me, because I couldn't afford it,  but he'd take a $10 bet at 25-1

     So you all should know how that fight went... after the first round,  he said "Holyfield won't make it 3 rounds"   then 6... then 10... and Holyfield was just kicking Tyson's ass...  it was awesome,  and everyone at the party was just ripping on this guy.   When the fight was over,  he didn't want to pay,  and everyone was telling him to pay up,  and the threw a $20 at me.   I said, "What the *** is this?"  and he said "That's all you're getting."     My brother and his friends ripped on the guy some more,  and he gave me what he had on him... I think I didn't get more than $50.

    That was probably my first "real" bet... you know,  more than $5  on the Superbowl or something with a friend.   I also bet a guy $50  when the Gophers played Kentucky in the Final Four,  I think that was 97...  I took the Wildcats straight up,  I think they were favored by 4-1/2,  but this guy was a Homer.    At least that guy paid up right away when I saw him the next day... I didn't even have to ask him for it.

  • hahaha RJ way to lose it all :( but hey u had fun didnt ya?! haa

  • Won $200 on a $20 bet my first time at age 14. They called them "spot sheets" and they came out of the mines in Ohio. I put the $200 in an envolope, and played $20 in all following weeks . . . 10 weeks letter the envolope was empty.

  • I would always toss $1 or $2 on a 10 teamer. You know at 150-1. LOL. You know the ones BOOKMAKER pays 642-1 on?

  • I started playing those football tickets when I was 12. My father ran them and would let me play one a week. God, I used to love those things.