The best NBA handicapper in the country?

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The best NBA handicapper in the country?

Drum roll............

Anyone who has blanket bet the Boston Celtics this season!

With the NBA season winding down, I think it is necessary to crown the champion. The Boston Celtics have won 57 of their 90 games ATS (includes the playoffs) for an amazing 64% winning rate. Regardless what happens in the playoffs, in regards to sports betting, the Celtics are the champions in my book. One the flip side, the New Jersey Nets are the NBA "go-against" as they ended up around the 40% against the number. Betting $500 on the Celtics AND against the Nets would have netted you close to $17,000 in profit this season.

  • Interesting to reflect on the "Blazer Theory" next season.....

  • Steve- yes I rode that Blazer train last year...and think you have solid points as always...I just think this team has so much more in them that people who don't follow this team as closely as you and I do fully understand....Oden will be a absolute HUGE FACTOR from go...baring another injury.....I think the value of last year is long gone..but I dont think they'll get the respect at the start of the season, that they will say 2-3 weeks into the season...

  • Hey, GF....

    Blazers were awesome this year before and during took so long for adjustment to steam they were creating....

    There is already so much BUZZ surrounding their over-acheiving season, and anticipation of Oden, ect...and O/U on wins is placed at 50.5, it MIGHT be fair to say that they are ALREADY over-steamed, and the 1st 10-15 days might be looked at for possible over-value.

    Just a thought.

    I looked back at my books, and NJ was poor ATS, but I made much bank vs Clipps, esp last 1/3rd....they failed to cover even very large ATS dog numbers, even at home, even as numbers got larger and larger.

    Clipps also bottomed out on the O/U lines - BIG Time, as they were lowest scoring team for 5 of last 8 weeks of season.  granted they were devestated with injuries....but they even outdid themselves in lowering the bar

    Sterling's Clippers.....back in their rightful place as bottom dwellers....

    We entered our Blazers' tix renewal option, and got the word that tix are going up 12% - money I'm GLAD to pay for a winner!  (Still cheaper tix than the pathetic Soup's up the road - for the moment)

  • Goes to show that blindly going the against a hot team is not always the way to go - contrary to what most old school wiseguys believe.

  • Thanks. It amazes me how accurate the lines are. Want some fun homework, look at MLB. Almost any blanket scenario loses money. Can't bet all favs and can't bet all dogs. The year when the NYY won all those games you lost money betting on them because of the inflated MLs.

  • wowowowo

    good stuff

  • blazers next years early season $$$ it.

  • yep...glad I bet on Celtics every game this season

  • Agree on that 100% Rob. No way the linesmakers will allow the top teams to dominant ATS. The amazing part when reviewing the data was to see how over the years most teams end up 50% ATS. Have to give props to the oddsmakers.

  • All this time I thought Pat Riley was the best in the country at creating a handicap for teams in the NBA.  I was wrong?  

    Great info.  Beware though.  Next season the line makers  will adjust the lines enough to cause the results to swing in the other direction.  Bet against the Celts and on the Swamp Things next year.  You all heard it here first.    

  • rmarquez33 ,

    Send your address & day/game you want to and reference the issue.




  • Problem with that is knowing which team is going to be hot. Of the 30 NBA teams, 21 were 50% or less ATS. For one of the first times in recent memory, almost every division winner was close to 60% ATS. In 07, almost 24 teams hovered around the break even point, with the division leaders all losing money except the Raptors at 57%. In 2006, EVERY division winner was BELOW 50%, except the Suns at 55%.

  • nice info maybe next year ill stick to betting on 1 team th whole season! ha

  • Yes. Responding to all the emails today.