Johnny Detroit back from New York:

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Pregame Blogs
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Johnny Detroit back from New York:

With this the final season of Yankee's Stadium we decided to take a road trip  to see the last Tigers/Yankees regular season series in the old ballpark. Besides seeing the first Tiger's sweep in Yankee Stadium since 1966 we had a blast in an amazing city.


Lombardi's Pizza. Man oh man. With most of the bigger pizza franchises being from Michigan (Little Skeezers, Hungry Homies and Dominhoes), tasting the pie in NY was like night and day. The cheese, crust and sauce was some amazing shit. I would probably go back to NY again just for the pizza.

Jersey Dave taking us all to dinner at Wolfgangs (not Puck, but some guy who was the top chef at one of NYs top steak joints) and getting the 4-person steak. Not sure how everyone in NY is not 300+ with how good all the food was.

Gelato (yes, more food). The gelato in Little Italy rivaled and probably exceeded anything I had when in Rome.

The mob tour a friend of mine gave us. Drove us around to show us all the spots and famous places people from the Midwest only see on Mob Documentaries on the History Channel.

Grand Hyatt. Nice ass hotel and had the good fortune of both the Tigers and Pirates staying there. See "low lights" below on why I ended up here on night #2.

VIP area and bottle service at Larry Flynt's Hustler's Club. Poor Jeff going back with some hot little Halle Berry looking thing only to come back 10 minutes later saying "that bitch wanted $900 to get freaky!".

Of course, the game itself. Taking the subway to the Bronx. Having our Tiger's gear on and enjoying a game at one of the last remaining great places to catch a game. Had some great seats, and unlike the feedback from other Detroit's fans on local radio (rude treatment, fights, etc), everyone around us was cool as hell. We shot the shit about the game, players and baseball in general. Even the drunk guys who were walking next to us on the way out of the game (we were expecting some shit to start) were pretty cool and said (in the NY lingo), "you Detroit guys aren't that bad. got some balls wearing that stuff here, but you are okay. it is the F***ING Boston fags we hate. Arrogant assholes! Boston fans up until recently only took their hats out to start the season and put them away at the end. Yankees fans wear their NY hats all year long!"


Considering you do not see this stuff in Detroit, two dudes walking a poodle and stopping mid-walk to tongue kiss. What the f**k is that? Save the speeches Will and Grace fans, but that ain't me. Each his own is my motto, but at the same time seeing dudes make out in the Village was not something I would mark down as "highlights" of my NY trip.

Rude people. Man, everyone there is rude. Holy shit. I found this wallet in the bathroom with money and credit cards. Since I am not a thief, I turned it in and it ended up being the main bartenders. No thanks. No round of drinks. Nothing. Cabbies, waiters, etc all douchbags for the most part. Still better than the elitist swine in CA I guess.

Rain. Unable to do some of the tours we planned on the Monday due to all the rain. Good excuse to come back I guess.

No LaBatt Blue at the game. Boooo!!!!!!!!!

The first hotel we were at, The Milford Plaza, or what the guy at the Grand Hyatt (the hotel I switched to after the first night) called it, The Mildew Plaza. The place smelled like my grandmother's pajamas. After the night at the strip club and a 5th of Vodka, I woke up to the sound of a construction site across the street. The reason I knew it was a construction site was due to there not being any damn blinds on my windows. So I stumble out of bed trying to find something to drink and realize no room service. So I call down and ask where there are vending machines at. The chick on the other line tells me nothing on my floor (16th), but they do have a pop/soda machine on the 15th and 17th. With banging headache and dry mouth in full effect, I stumble out and walk up to the 17th floor to see "machine currently out of order".  Next time:

Overall, it was an amazing time to finally see NY and watch a game at Yankees stadium. As my friend Ray put it, "you can almost feel all the history that has gone on in this place". Ain't that the truth.......

Big Ray slamming some pie at the nation's 1st pizzeria, Lombardi's:

  • New York was amazing though. Detroit is a dump.

    Dead on with the Milford pitches. I get these travel deals and it was 60% off a top hotel in Manhattan that is in the middle of everything. They hyped it up so much. I was hosed. lol.

  • I'm kidding about Detroit.  I've actually spent a bit of time in Detroit.  Been to the casinos.  When it comes to food, nearby Ann Arbor has some of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at.  There are two at which the food is truly memorable, and the prices are half of what comparable restaurants in NYC cost.  I've thought about traveling back just for the restaurants.   There's one place that regularly serves game.  The moose steaks and venison are terrific.   You can find venison in New York if you hunt long enough, but I've never seen moose steak here.  

    Lots of people wind up at the Milford Plaza in NYC and leave the next day.  The Milford does a good job of advertising to the public and conning the travel agents. Travel agents who have never been to New York tend to be fooled by the brochures, and by what they believe to be the prime location right around the corner from all the Broadway theaters..    The Milford is not cheap either.  Way over-priced for the quality.  There are much better places for the same or less money.  The Grand Hyatt was a good choice.  

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention before, there's no "pop" in NYC. There's only "soda."  A "black and white" is an ice cream soda (no relation to a soda soda which the rest of the world calls pop) with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream.  An egg cream is the fountain drink of choice in Brooklyn and the Bronx.  Despite the name, there's no egg in it.  

  • I checked out the Plaza the 1st night. We were in the Village to meet a guy I know at some place called Sushi-Samba (or something?).

    We were 4 deep and Ray is a big dude. Me and Ray are the shaved head polocks, my friend Jeff is italian and Sam is the black cat. So I assume it was not worth being assholes to us (which surprised us). Most of the people we met at the game sat and talked baseball with us (and stressed how much they hated the Boston Red Sox).

    There is actually some good italian food in Detroit. Cafe Cortina has some great Northern Italian food as has a high Sagat Rating and won awards from Wine Spectator Magazine. But come on now, Detroit vs New York on food is like comparing our casinos vs. Las Vegas. LOL.

    The one thing, the dogs at our Coney Islands that are littered all over Detroit make Nathans pale in comparision. Give me a Senate Coney Island over ANYTHING Nathans can do.

  • So, you were in NYC and didn't call?  I'll get even when I go to Detroit and don't grace you with the pleasure of my company :-).  On second thought, why would I ever go to Detroit?  

    If you had called me instead of using that Detroit travel agent, I would have warned you away from the horrors of the Milford Plaza, and from Christopher Street in the Village.  We New Yorkers simply ignore those guys with the poodle at least until they try to kiss us instead.  

    You are one brave guy wearing Detroit duds in the Bronx.  Lucky those boys didn't try to kill you.  At Yankee Stadium, the opposite team often needs bodyguards to play in the outfield.  

    By the bye, how many hookers tried the pick-your-pocket- while-grabbing-your-crotch-in-the-street scam each time you walked out of the Milford Plaza?  More reasons to love New York, haha.  

    If you lked the pizza you should have tried the bagels.  The  problem with living anywhere except New York City is == no good pizza, no good bagels, no good Italian food, and no good Chinese food.  Also no real Nathans franks and fries.  Also, did you notice that there is no such thing as a New York cut steak in New York?

  • Sounds like an awesome time JD :)  I wish I had a tour guide to hit up NYC!

  • Minnesota? Michigan with more snow and bad pro teams? Thanks Hellerud, but I will pass!

  • Johnny u should visit minnesota you will never wanna leave ;)

  • ray ray eating again??? SHOCKER

  • Great account, Johnny - and a one of a kind city.

  • Great stuff JD - I will have one of these for Boston after Memorial Day weekend.