Johnny Detroit heads to New York....

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Johnny Detroit heads to New York....

Taking a much needed vacation next week. Myself and three old school buddies are hopping in the Caddy and driving to New York City to see the Tigers/Yankees play on Tuesday. Personally, I have been from Las Vegas to Rome, but NEVER New York. Have some plans to meet people for a drink and dinner, but outside of that, the agenda is wide open. Only going to be there for a few days, so any suggestions on a "must do", or in my case, a "must eat here" is greatly appreciated.

  • come back johnny.. i miss the 3.5s ;(

  • Johnny, you got to go to Mulberry Street in Little Italy; Umberto's has great scungilli & calamari &  "Don't forget the canollis!" It's off Canal Street, a few blocks west of Bowery. Speaking of the Bowery;, there's CBGB's, the Knitting Factory,  other clubs in  the West Village.  The East Village around Ave 'A', Delancey & Houston Streets. I may even me at the game, I have

    Tues  thru Thurs off and was thinking about a Yankee game.

  • I would call it a VERY successful trip after bringing the Tigers their first three-game sweep at Yankee Stadium since 1966.

    Can't wait to hear the rest of your stories...

  • bury a Tigers jersey at the new ballpark......but dont tell anyone

  • Pizza, strippers and baseball. That is my plan!

  • Don't forget to check out SCORES Gentleman's Club. Say "Hello" to Howard Stern for me!

  • John's of Bleecker is great, too....just don't wander off to the West Village, if you know what I mean!!!

  • The one on Coney Island? Supposed to be 2nd best. Guess it is the kid of the original pizza guy from Lombardi's.

    Also, my guy there said in his neighborhood:

    John's of Bleecker Street

  • Best Pizza in NYC is clearly Lombardi's...neighborhood is very 'in', too.

    Totonnos, assuming it's the original in Brooklyn, is great, too.  However, nothing else to do in that area so unless you are driving there for pizza and pizza only, quite frankly it's not worth the trip.

  • Going later this summer, some buddies have told me a steak at Peter Lugers is a must, at least once in a lifetime deal.

  • Going to both these places:

    Totonnos - The Ultimate Pizza

    Lombardi's Pizza Gennaro's Original Gennaro's Caffe

  • I have been to Yankee stadium a few times and to Shea twice and you are going to have an awesome time...a Yankees game is an event and for the regular season I would have to say that its one of the best ball parks to catch a game because the atmosphere is always serious and I won't go as far as saying Playoff atmosphere, but pretty close depending on the opponent...take your time and check out not just Manhattan, but go into the other burroughs because you will see a bit of everything and even though you come from a big city, like I do...New York is something totally different than any other city in the safe, and enjoy yourself, VR

  • I believe you or one of your buddies know how to get in touch with me.  That being the case, contact me should you guys need advice as to where to go.  Have a great stay......R