Do you remember your 1st bet?

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Do you remember your 1st bet?

When I say "bet", I mean one with a book or offshore. The first money that ever exchanged hands on a sporting even was in 6th grade when I bet this chick from Arizona in my class on the Michigan-Arizona Rose Bowl. Wolverines lost and Karen got a handful of change.

Johnny Detroit's first official wager with a local took place on the pay phone at Blazo's Restaurant and Pie Shop on Wayne Road (long gone now). It was the Raiders and someone on a Sunday and it was supposed to snow. Being young and stupid I had no clue that everyone in the world, which included the oddsmakers, had this factored into the line. At this time in my life I was running football cards for "Old Man Andy" (R.I.P) at my high school. After hitting 3 of 4 or 4 of 5 multiple times, I felt I was ready to become a professional handicapper and be rich by the time I was 18. I mean, I was just missing those parlay cards by one game every week! So, I tell Andy I want to bet no just one game (my LOCK was Under in the Raiders due to the secret information on the snow, lol). Andy gives him this phone number for "Bookstore Eddie" (R.I.P) and tells me to call in and say who I was and with and that Andy would handle the settle. So I walk to the pay phone (I was slaving washing dishes), pop my .20 into the phone and dial. I go thru what Andy tells me to say, Eddie gives me the line and I say "$20 on the Under."


"Twenty big ones?"
"Twenty whole dollars?"
So I am standing there with the phone in my hand not feeling as cool as I did 30 seconds prior. After he is done chuckling, Eddie goes "you are in kid, good luck".

Of course the total goes over and I drop $22.00. Which suck balls at 16 when you are washing dishes for a living.
Over the next few years, I got more involved with Eddie and learned more from him than almost anyone. As I got older I would meet up with him at a dive bar called the 3 Nicks on Warren Avenue and listen to the old days. Some classic shit I hope to share in the coming weeks here at the Pregame Blogs.

  • Mine was on this Dallas Cowboys game like 9 years ago I think......I remember my friend's dad took us out to dinner that Sunday and they were wondering why I was so into the game even though I wasn't a Cowboys fan, haha.

  • NIce. lol. Trans Am with the big eagle?

  • I also rememeber heading to college and I used to keep all the cash in a shoe box under my trundel bed, and I was a hoarder with the cash.  I always had a rule... $100 cash on me at all times, but that was it.  In the early to mid 80's that was some real money!  Gas was like 90 cents a gallon

    When I headed out to college that summer I pulled all the cash out of that old shoe box and I rememeber the day, I had $8700 in that old shoe box....and that was after I paid out $4700 for a 1978 Trans Am my senior year in high school...I paid cash at a local dealership for it, my parents wer like HOW DID YOU GETTHAT CAR!!  ??    LOL...My Dad mom was clueless...

    I needed some hot wheels for college baby, courtesy of of the local business's.....Again, I miss those days....

  • $5 on a preaseason basketball game two NBA seasons ago as I was just getting interested. Utah Jazz if remember correctly. Has been all roses since then but I enjoy it.

  • I was 13, running numbers for a local bookie out of my hometown, he ran the local pool hall. My hometown had like 3800 people in it, everyone knew everyone.

    I used to drop off the sheet at my dad's body shop , he was the mlayor at the time, and also the local sherrif had me put it in his mailbox at his house...unreal!!  It was like the wild west back then...

    I was also picking up payments and handing out "The Sheet" to local business's for him on Thursdays....I noticed the local pharmacy owner who lived liked 5 houses down down from me was paying HUIGE money every week, like $500 or more  a week.  He would place his bets on Thursday I stick around and take his bets back to Bill "Shit..bookie biil" he had bet Ohio State laying 22 points against someone in a Big 10 game for $200 and I held the bet instead of turning that one in and it won $220 for me.  I turned his payments in the following week and had 2 crisp $100 bills in my hand and $20 for the vig..i loved that vig baby....I started fading squares and holdind bets, he knew it and didn't care but warned me he would not cover me if I came up short....he never had to...

    I remember the thrill of having $200 in my pocket walking home.  Bill would give me $50 a week and all the free pool I could play..I was on cloud 9.  I never really told my buddies about it because I was not suppose to, but they all knew it....made look like a minor criminal so all the local girls thought I was a rebel which helped out in the girls wanting to hang department too.....I always could afford popcorn and candy at the

    The local sherrif pulled me over one night....I was like 17, car full of beer, crusing around town.....he let me go and wanted to make sure I got his Nebraska Bet in at -4...I will never forget that buddies were floored!!  LOL  I was KING of my small little domain....God I miss those days!!

    I never bet a bookie personally till I was like 18, but faded those local hometown squares all through high school.

    When minimum wage was $3.20 an hour, I was pulling in $300 to $500 a week...better than some guys dads who were working stiffs at the local factory making $400 a week bring home working 40 hours a week.... I had a new car, bankroll in my pocket and always had a full tank of gas and was rolling big for my generation.  It maturated in college to me booking....I learned ALLOT about the line and manipulating it then....and here I am today....Booking was easier than capping trust me...

  • $44 on Princeton NCAAB when I was in 10th grade.. lost obviously.. damn

  • early morning topic starter.

  • 1961 Aqueduct $2 daily double ( least you could bet than). I hit it for $28 had money to bet all day ended up with a small profit for the day like $12. in 61 $12 for a 9 year old was nice cash. My uncle was placing my bets all day. Cigar smoking men wearing dress hats, perfect.

  • 1960, with my dad at Raton,NM quarterhorse track, I was 6 years old and when the horses were brought out one took a piss(my dad said thats a sign of a winner, just bsing me) of the $10 he gave me to play that day I put $5 of it on the horse that took a piss

    went off at 35:1 and won the race by a nose. Its like it was yesterday.  I still play the horse that takes a piss

  • i think your right about the first bet normally hitting and the gambling gods get you hooked... first bet weekend i hit both a three and four team parlay.... was 17 and hooked every since.....

  • First bet with a book, I don't exactly remember... but first one I ever made was with one of my buddies in 7th grade. It was the 2002 Western Conference Finals -- Kings v. Lakers -- and I bet him 20 bucks that the Kings would move on to the championship round. I thought it was some bullshit when the Lakers shot 18 free throws in Game 6 to squeak out a win and then that incredible back-and-forth Game 7 was so damn exciting. Years later, I would find out that the NBA rigged the series (especially Game 6 to force the win-or-go-home finale) and I'm still furious about that shit!

  • My first bet that I could vividly remember was Super Bowl 32.  I took my favorite QB John Elway vs. Brett Favre and the GB Packers.  It was for only around 5 Bucks.  Although what was weird at Catholic School I went to growing up we were allowed to bet on the Super Bowl involving the 49ers and the Chargers.  SUper Bowl 29.  I think we were allowed to pick either side Straight up, if we pick the winning side, then we got like Mcdonalds Lunch Meal and 2 Cans of Soda.  It was soooooooooo awesome.  Everybody in my class 3rd grade class of 32, except for one, picked the 49ers. I guess they didn't expect so many sharp cookies.

    First official bet on Horses,  May 2000, when I had just graduated Middle School.  It was the Lone Star Million day at Lone Star Park here in the D F/W Area.  First race I bet on was 5 Furlong Turf Cup Sprint.  I picked a horse by the name of Caro's Royalty.  He battled Fily Show me the Stage to the wire. And won by a nose @ 4 to 1.  Next Race Picked a horse Lightning Ball, won @ 9 to 2.  Next Race Mile Truf Race picked a horse by the name of Mumatz, won @ around 3 to 1.  Not a bad day for 3 races.

    First off shore bet I believe was during the 2005 NFL playoffs when I was 18 1/2.  I bet my St. Louis Rams ML vs. the Seattle Seahawks. They won.  Then I also bet the Indianapolis Colts OV the Denver Broncos.  

    And the Rest is History.  

  • Can't remeber the game. Just remember that I was 16 and my friend's older bro. would bring sheets home every week. The older bro didn't have a lot of friends, so he hung out with us quite a bit and I started by betting $10 a game. lol. Knowing what I now know, I can just imaging the bookie getting a bunch of $10 bets from us dudes in H.S.  By the time I reached 21, I was on with offshore books and my bets were for more that I really could probably afford, but I was destroying college football every year, so it didn't matter. Throw $400 in BetUS and take out about $4,000 at the end of the year. Not a bad ROI, huh?

  • 1981 SUPERBOWL...

    RAIDERS -vs- EAGLES: Oakland was getting 3 points if I recall..and I loved the dog was a big Raider fan back then, my Dad took my bet for 25$ at the Old Tavern he ran. All the locals were betting Philly and I had to take the other side. Raiders prevailed Outright!

  • No. I am too old.