Johnny Detroit's "Live Movers" for Saturday:

Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs
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Johnny Detroit's "Live Movers" for Saturday:

Yesterday was nice as the Grizzlies game hit right in the middle of the line move for a nice cash.

So far on Saturday, there is already some decent movement on the board off the openers:

#503/504 Sixers/Wizards: Total opened at 199.5 and is down to 196.0
#507/508 TWolves/Grizzlies: Total opened at 216.0 and is down to 213.5
#511/512 Jazz/Nuggets: Jazz opened as a 7.0 point fav, dropped to 6.0 and is now in the middle at 6.5.

  • JD your post on the Kings/Hornets total would you suggest a over play with that movement just checked bo-dog back to 209?

  • Wow. The wiseguys LOVE Atlanta at home. Now a 2.5 point favorite after being a 2 point dog. 4.5 POINTS in matter or minutes. Holy moves BATMAN!

  • Now Hakwks -1.5. From +2 to to -1.5 in the matter of 30 seconds!


  • FYI, Joe Public does not move a total 2 points in one move by the way.

  • #513/514: Total on Kings game just went from 211 to 213.

  • #513/514: New Orleans/SAC Town moving from 8 to 9 just now at BOOKMAKER.

  • #501/502 Bobcats/Pacers: Opened at 9, bet down to 8, but our sources said it should go back up to 9 soon.