Super Tecmo Bowl coming back?

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Super Tecmo Bowl coming back?

The greatest sports game of all time (with Baseball Stars a close 2nd) might be making a comeback on the Nintendo WII and DS. Word on the street is the DS game will be a throwback version and the WII version will be 100% new. Man, oh man. First I get to hear about Vegas Runner's dad pulling pizza cutters on the homeboys, and now I read Super Tecmo Bowl is coming back. Similar to Ace's past, my circle of friends was not exactly a shining star or morality. BUT, despite all the shady stuff we did, we were 100% nerd when it came to a night of hanging out playing NES until the next day. Can still remember it like it was yesterday:

Fat Danny and the Bears losing almost every game. He would not switch teams because he was such a Chicago homer.
Mexican Tony and the Giants. LT around the corner was brutal.
Reno G (super long and complex Italian last name) and the 99%-1% pass attack using the Houston Texans.

The list goes on and on of all the characters that took part in our "seasons" and "tournaments" in the basement over on Barrie Street off Warren and Greenfield. Personally, I was a Tecmo Master with the 49ers. Fat Danny took it to a vote one time and tried to ban me from using my strategy of putting Jerry Rice at RB. With Jerry at RB and his speed rating so high you could run him from the backfield and also use him to catch passes. Almost unstoppable.

Now with a wife, two kids and a company on the other side of the country, time is limited. So wasting 24+ hours at a time with beer and video games is not an option to me. Between this, I try and fit in time to middle and bet AND still have a somewhat normal life. It seems the days of hitting the liquor store and getting some bum to buy us some 40's (only thing the stores in that area really carried) and sitting around talking shit with Tecmo on the tube. Happy with my life, but it seems shit was a lot simpler back than.....

  • I DLed punch out on my WII. I LOVED that game. Ice Hockey I was a local legend. 3 fat guys and 1 skinny. RBI? Was never a fan. I even though Bases Loaded was better.

  • Top three IMO

    1) Punch Out

    -Great game and a hilarious lack of political correctness you would never find in a game today

    2) RBI Baseball

    -Sorry JD, I'm giving it the nod over Baseball Stars

    3) Ice Hockey

    -Fat, Normal, Skinny, and Patriotic

  • Bo Jackson was SICK on that game. The best was QB Eagles. LOL.

  • Ahhh sheeet!!. I remember Marcus Allen being the man!!!

  • Best and worst part was the when the fights broke out, After a few hours of straight playing my damn fingers would start blistering from hitting thw A, B button, LOL.

  • Blades of Steel (pause) CHING!

  • What a great game.  Now all they need to do is remake Blades of Steel, LOL.

  • Tecmo Bowl Throwback: As of March 2, 2010 it was reported by the Los Angeles Times that a new, downloadable, version of Tecmo Bowl would be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. This game will feature an updated graphics engine and new features, including online play, but will also have the option of playing the original 2-D version of the game as it appeared on the 1993 Super Nintendo version. Due to Electronic Arts' exclusive licensing rights with the NFL and NFLPA, Tecmo Bowl: Throwback will be unable to legally use player names and likenesses or the real NFL teams. However, Tecmo Bowl: Throwback will include an editor to allow for nearly complete modification of the game, allowing players to create a fairly accurate representation of the modern NFL teams and players. Release date is expected sometime in the spring of 2010.

  • This finally happened. I played it once. ONCE. What a shame the new game is to this legendary piece of software. DO NOT BUY OR RENT IT, it is that BAD!

  • It's funny, my one friend and I keep reminiscing about Techmo bowl...the topic has to come up twice a year.  Randall Cunningham could throw 100 yards, Okoye would demolish people, LT could run a 4 second 40 and Reggie White and Bo Jackson were just  monsters...

  • Forget Beat the Streak and March Madness contest, we should get a suite at the Venetian and have the Pregame NES Old School Challenge.

  • I think we all now have a great perspective on Johnny Detroit's High School years.

  • Double Dribble. The three from the corner of the screen. MONEY!

  • hey respect the basketball game i believe was double dribble.  those were the days not a care in the world!!!! oh and jd the code was up up down down left right left right ab ab start haha

  • I still have this game in a box upstairs with my old NES.  You're right JD, this and Baseball Stars were top notch.  Here's a website where you can play every old NES game on you computer for free:

    The day I found this link, I must've spent 10 hrs online, playing all the old games: Double Dribble, Pro Wrestling, Burgertime, Blades of Steel, Track and Field, the list is enormous.