Its always important to know your opponent. In this case we are talking about the line maker. Following is a brief recap of what you are up against when handicapping 2011 CFB. These numbers will give you a realistic outlook when handicapping the college football wars this season.

The numbers below are all for the regular season in 2010 College football:

  • 770 Total number of CFB games played.
  • 9,576 Total points the outcome of these games differed from the point spread.
  • 12.4 AFP (the average number of points from the point spread).
  • 297 Number of games that fell with in 7 points of the betting line(38.6%).
  • 212 Number of games that fell 7 ½ to 14 points from the betting lines (27.5%).
  • 261 Number of games that fell more than 14 points from the betting line (17%).

Those of you who have followed my writing and research will not be surprised by the following two statistics. If you favor handicapping CFB using a statistical methodology you will quickly understand you much pay particular attention to these two sets of numbers.

  • 129-35 ATS (78.7%) The point spread record of teams who gained 200 yards both running and passing vs. their foe.
  • 217-75 ATS (74.3%) The record of teams who outrushed their foe by a greater than 2-1 margin.

This is just a small sample of the type of unique statistics we track every week in my offices. All the hard work paid off again in 2010 with a point spread record of 61%  on over 250 analyzed games in print. Pay attention! You will learn something.