Experience is vital to early season success in college sports. The following is my list of top 10 experienced teams. Many handicappers simply rely on the number of returning starters to make this list. My opinion through years of experience is that it is not nearly that simple. That is why  my list of top 10 experienced teams also includes the following information:

  • Same Coach
  • Returning QB
  • 16+ returning starters including : 7+ offense and 7+ defense
  • Greater than 60% retuning letterman
  • Greater than 50% offensive line starts
  • Greater than 50% returning offensive yardage
  • Greater than 50% retuning tackles

Using the above criteria the following is the 2011 list on Top 10 experienced teams:

1.     SMU

2.     Northwestern

3.     Toledo

4.     Rice

5.     UCLA

6.     Texas A&M

7.     LA. Monroe

8.     Miss. State

9.     Notre Dame

10.  Oklahoma