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Pregame Blogs
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This is a Re-Post of something that I did on Facebook a couple of years ago. Let me just say that I don't know if any of this is true and is only my perception of how it is up that way. Let me secondly say that I think that I am right about all them. (smile)

deep in thought. by Lauren Jensen.

Number 10: Dripping Mustard on your shirt often gets comments from girls like. "Wow, you look really pretty good in yellow."

Number 9: Little, if any chance of being force fed Boiled Okra as a child.

Number 8: Being at a party in Columbus Ohio and hearing the Ohio State Co-ed mating call, " Hey, any of You Guys have a Kilbasa?

Number 7: Not having to ever know what it is like to be with a woman without Acne.

Number 6: Being able to say one day that you met Obama while in Illinois and that you knew that he would be a bust of a Politician.

Number 5: Always able to find people that agree with, and are willing to talk about, why the Big 10 is the Best Football Conference in the World.

Number 4: Wearing socks with Sandals are still in style and especially the knee high's.

Number 3: Discovering what you think is a Moose in your backyard and finding out later that it was just your wife taking out the trash..

Number 2: Still some Bumper Stickers able to be seen that say something like, "Those Gun Shootin' Baby Savin' Conservative Bastards down South can just die in the womb!"

And the Number 1 Best Reason to Live in the Midwest....


  • We're built Ford tough.

  • Because the midwest has crappy weather and it's cold as shit in the winter.

  • Frank Sinatra loved Chicago Greg, why can't you!

  • JD, don't get mad just because the Civil War thing was mis-reported by the liberal New York Press..

  • Just don't buy your eggs from those good folks down in Iowa.

  • i'm appalled and outraged at these wild's called cheese curds

  • Kielbasa you racist.