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Being from the South, I am very proud where I live and even though the particular area in which I live has extreme poverty, a high crime rate, a poor infrastructure, and extraordinarily high temperatures sometimes, (The High Today Expected to be right at 100) I would not trade where I live for anywhere else in the world. I have decided to tell you my Top 10 Reasons for living here. If you are from this region that we call "The South" feel free to add your own to the list.
Number 10: If ever having Car Problems while on the road, chances are 4
out of 5 Doors Knocked on have at least one Shade Tree Mechanic inside.

Number 9: Little, if any chance of being force fed Kale or Parsnips as a

Number 8: Being at a party in Oxford Mississippi and hearing the Ole Miss
Co-ed Mating Call, " Oh yall, I am so drunk."

Number 7: When disposing of a body, if needed, chances of any dental
records to identify are very low.

Number 6: Knowing that you are almost always within 100 miles of the Best
Football and prettiest women in the world, an SEC Stadium.

Number 5: Always able to find people that agree with, and are willing to
talk about, why the Civil War was fixed.

Number 4: Polyester Pants are still in style and pretty darn cheap.

Number 3: Spotlighting Deer is overlooked by Law Enforcement in some
counties as long as you agree to use the Low Beam.

Number 2: Still some Bumper Stickers able to be seen that say something
like, "All you Tree Huggin' Liberal Bastards can just Freeze in the Dark."

And the Number 1 Best Reason to Live in the South....

  • I just ate me some good ole grits about an hour ago.  Umm, umm, good!

  • Rocky, I knew that you were a Grits Guy. You have to be or you would thrown out of South Carolina. Shrimp and Grits!! Yummmmmmm....

  • Put you some cheese in those grits and eat away!!  It's amazing when you head up North or out West, it's hard to find Grits on the menu.

  • How bout no state taxes in Florida :)

  • Gotta love the women and the weather in the South!

  • Straguzzi, property taxes where I live are outrageous! And property is dirt cheap as well. Our biggest industry here is GOVERNMENT CHECKS.

  • down here...BBQ is a food not something u do.......we cook out down here, lol

  • Greg, what about the lower taxes?

    These people up here put the arm on you for everything and then give everything away to "gimme" ingrates!

    Try conducting legitimate business in a bank around here on check day.

  • as Southerner I have to agree......except for nbr 1....even though I was born and live here I don't like grits!

    I know, blasphemy.........but I do love some BBQ (pork , of course)