2010 MLB Home Run Derby Odds Inside ((Who is Your Pick to Win))

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Pregame Blogs
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2010 MLB Home Run Derby Odds Inside ((Who is Your Pick to Win))

David_Ortiz__2122707125254.jpg david image by Arena08


Who is your choice to win the Home Run Derby on Monday Night?? I have TWO SMALL ACTION WAGERS on David Ortiz +440 & Corey Hart +645 to win tonight--at (5Dimes Sportsbook) Who do you have winning?

Full List of HR Derby Participants (Lines from 5Dimes Sportsbook)

#101 Vernon Wells +1050

#103 David Ortiz +440

#105 Miguel Cabrera +270

#107 Matt Holliday +545

#109 Hanley Ramirez +1050

#111 Corey Hart +645

#113 Chris Young +1150

#115 Nick Swisher +650

#117 N.L. Player Wins HR Derby +146

#118 A.L. Player Wins HR Derby -166





  • No problem indiegente---very glad you rode along, buddy.

  • Thanks for another winner GF

  • NATIONAL LEAGUE +112 WINNER .  . . .

  • Thanks for the info GF!

  • FREE ALL-STAR GAME Selection. I just PERSONALLY wagered on the NATIONAL LEAGUE +112.

    Enjoy the game fellas!

  • DaRoots, 1st off THANK YOU for the kind words, my friend. I have had rock solid NFL & CFB seasons the L/2 years, nothing real "flashy" but Winning seasons.

    NFL 2008/09 Season= 60%

    CFB 2008/09 Season= 59%

    NFL 2009/10 Season= 57%

    CFB 2009/10 Season= 57%

  • I bet both of your picks (ortiz and hart), so yes I did cash in.  It was looking like a Hart/Ortiz final after the first round.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.  

    This may not be the place to ask, but are you as strong in football as you are in everything else I've followed you on?  You are very deserving of all the praise you recieve around here!!

  • DaRoots- I will gave my opinion on the All-Star game at some point this morning, my friend. I hope you cashed in with me on ORTIZ +440.

  • Also, thanks for the winner tonight!  

  • Any thoughts on the game tomorrow GF?  You know we all want to know what you think.

  • Wow Goodfella do you win everything you bet on at baseball. I should of followed you and took my home town Papi!

  • F   R   E   A   K   !   !   !   !

  • My lord gf you even win home run derby.. Unreal

  • GF used the L word!

  • Eleven runs us goin to be a mutha to beat