2009 MLB Home Run Derby Odds Inside ((Who is Your Pick to Win))

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Pregame Blogs
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2009 MLB Home Run Derby Odds Inside ((Who is Your Pick to Win))

Who is your choice to win the Home Run Derby on Monday Night?? I have TWO SMALL wagers on Albert Pujols +200 & Adrian Gonzalez +500 to win tonight. Who do you have winning?



Mon 7/13 8:00PM (EST)

95002 ALBERT PUJOLS +200
95003 BRANDON INGE +1000
95004 CARLOS PENA +600
95005 JOE MAUER +850
95006 NELSON CRUZ +800
95008 RYAN HOWARD +250
  • haha, just got home & nice call Marco...& not a nice job Gonzo.....Cruz +800 was almost call of the Month Apathy...

  • Since I am in a selfish mood tonight, I will self-promote that I 'almost' nailed Cruz at +800! Come on guys where is the love... Nice call Marco! Ok now im out of selfish mood.

  • hahaha i was going to be the first one... but then i decided to be selfish and not admit i was HORRRRRRRIBLY WRONG .. good call Marco!

  • C'Mon guys lets show the old guy some Love.....WHO SAID PRINCE FIELDER AT +350

  • i personally like a few of the heads up matchups . for now i have pujols vs . pena and cruz @ - 160 for round 1. may do a few more . bol guys

  • Prince swings wayyyyyy too hard to have success in this event in my opinion

  • Going with Mauer too. No big shots just consistent. Twins take it in back to back years

  • Yur going with Prince Marco?

  • Pujols is the automatic call but what's wrong with Prince Fielder at +350?

  • Yeah I liked Howard then saw VR was on him too... I'm only putting a half unit in play.  Where is Matty O'shea?  He is good at these kinds of contests.

  • I know VR posted a (2*) on Ryan Howard to win it.....he's taking 3rd Ace....................haha

  • Ryan Howard +350 (Sportsbook.com)

  • I tailed you GF.

  • ANYONE else out there putting a small action wager on the HR Derby tonight?? And who is your pick?

  • Best of luck with Pena & Mauer Denver........We should see plenty of bombs hit tonight, thats for sure!