GoodFellas Angels @ Tigers FREE Premium Play June 5th (+155 WINNER)

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Pregame Blogs
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GoodFellas Angels @ Tigers FREE Premium Play June 5th (+155 WINNER)


#917 Angels +155 (1*) (BetUs)

  Justin Verlander tries to win his seventh straight decision and stop a three-game Detroit losing streak as the Tigers take on the Angels at Comerica Park on Friday night. The Angels tagged Verlander for 7 runs and 9 hits, in just 5 IP back in late April, & for his career Verlander is (0-2) with a 6.08 ERA in 4 starts vs the Angels. Since that game he got rocked by the Angels in late April, Verlander is 6-0 with a 1.30 ERA in seven starts, striking out 65 in 48 1-3 innings. Very impressive numbers indeed, & I have backed him on a few occasions during this stretch, but tonihgt I feel confident in going against him, vs this Angels team, he has struggled against. The Angels send out Ervin Santana tonight, & he has been terrible his L/2 starts, & this will keep almost everyone from backing him & the Angels tonight. However, Santana won all three of his starts against the Tigers last year with a 2.38 ERA. That past success vs Detroit, should give Ervin some much needed confidence going into tonights game, & the Angles have had great success vs Verlander in the past: (Abreu 4-9 .444 1 HR) (Vladdy 5-9 .556 1 2B) (Hunter 7-23 .304 2 2B's 1 3B) (Izturis 3-9 .333) (Mathews Jr. 4-8 .500 1 2B 1 3B) Chone Figgins has struggled vs Veralnder (1-11 .091) but as a whole, this group of Angels excels off JV, & thats a mental edge for the Angels tonight. Clearly, this will not be a popular play tonight, & thats just fine with me. I see some definte value with this play tonight, & Detroit slugger Miguel Cabrera could miss this game due to a hamstring injury, that forced him to leave last night's game in the 2nd inning. Curtis Granderson is (4-20 .200) career vs Santana & 3B Brandon Inge is just (3-19 .158). The Angels are 11-4 their L/15 vs Detroit & I really think the Angels are about to get it going as they are finally a healthy ballclub. Detroit has lost 5 straight at home & the Angels have won 7 of their L/10 on the road. I think we really have a live dog here tonight with the Angels & I will play them for (1*).

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  • Yo, long time my man!

    Gotta thank you for this one,....added it to a moderately small parlay card w/Tor+132, and Minn +145

    1st Parlay I've played in 2 wks; whammo.  Definately the way to get weekend rolling.

  • I cant speak for all your clients... but I doubt ANYBODY is unsatisfied. Losing is tough, we all know that. It is frustrating, and I personally take out my frustrations with posts... Better than drinking myself into stupidity or getting violent. Anyways... stay focused and when we are back in the black im sure we will all be smiling...

  • Brother, I went through the same thing in April.  There isn't a bettor in the entire world that doesn't go through losing streaks.  And we can't control when people decide to jump on board.  Just keep doing what you do.  Your long-term results speak for themselves.  

  • Hey, at least you're facing this. It's a rough patch that all cappers go thru. It's your long term work that's impressive. Tomorrow's another day.

  • I'm not unsatisfied GF.  Its a daily grind.  Like I said the last week, I have not paid my bookie since i started following you and VR, that was Feb!

    So you sucked ass tonight, EVERYONE had St. Louis on their card! Now suck it up and look forward to making me more money tomorrow!

  • I wanted to put my reply to unsatisfied clients (rightfully so I may add) in MY OWN THREAD, before I head out to dinner with my's  just the way I prefer to handle my business.

    **Just got through reading all of this, and I am not going to say a word other than this: I am very sorry for the POOR start to the month of June, & I will work very hard at gettuing us turned around, CLEARLY KC & the Cards RL were not winning plays tonight, & I DO NOT control the outcome of much as I would like just want this to be on record: I started as a pregame pro back in March & I havent had a losing month so far, as June is off to a bad start, we have plenty of time to right the ship for this month: I have never kept my results from anyone who has ever asked, & I think I handle myself the right way & will continue to do so. Once again, very sorry for the piss poor start to the month, all I can do is MAN UP, like I ALWAYS do & make NO excuses, like I NEVER do. I understand peoples frustration & expectations & will do my absolute best to meet them. I am heading out to dinner with the family, but just wanted to clear all this up. Have a good night everyone!**

    Here are my OVERALL results for ALL of my Premium Plays since I started in February:

    February Premium Paid Plays= +5.1 Units

    March Premium Paid Plays= +.40 Units

    April Premium Paid Plays= +7.40 Units

    May Premium Paid Plays= +2.52 Units

    June Premium Paid Plays (through June 5th)= -9.22 Units  **I have the St. Louis RL (2*) counted in this from tonight's card**

    FREE MLB Plays for the 2009 season= +7.55 Units

  • Great call Brotha. Keep plugging away my man. Your proven $$

  • Damn mid-westerners - I cant believe i married one of their women

  • Good call here... disastrous on the missouri teams...

  • Cardinals are trying to F me


  • 3 plays for tonight. Card is FINAL. Off to my sons hoops practice, good luck to all tonight!!

  • No Miguel Cabrera!

  • Good Luck tonight great write up as usual..

  • Thanks for the support chronman, ALWAYS appreciate all the props & support you have given me brotha.