While Stiffs and Georges often points out that Sands Bethlehem isn’t doing great business forLas Vegas Sands corporation, the casino is now the #1 revenue producing casino inPennsylvania. Last month Sands was the leading revenue-generating casino, while Parx fell to #2.

Parx’s 172 tables brought in $9,674,727 in revenues last month, down from just under $10.3 million in July, but up from $6.3 million a year ago, when it had 57 tables.

In contrast, Sands, with 129 tables, brought in $10,769,620 in August. That’s up from $4.3 million last year, when it had 89 tables.

Small victories are still victories. Meanwhile, Sands is still trying to build a better business by breaking ground on a new concert venue. Of course, while PA casinos are showing modest monthly increases New Jersey, as a whole, continues to weaken every month – with no end in site. All of this good news for PA can only mean bad news for Atlantic City….and anotherDEATH BLOW has been dealt.

Originally posted on AC2LV