Delmonico Steakhouse - The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

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Delmonico Steakhouse - The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

I love steak and have made it my mission to visit every fine steakhouse in Vegas – on and off the strip. Not just every steak dinner but every meal I have, is measured up to Delmonico Steakhouse. The first time I stepped into Delmonico Steakhouse was for a bachelor party of 12. Now, it’s nearly impossible to wow 12 people at once but Delmonico did just that. Not every return trip has been that amazing, but all have been above average. Most restaurants will never match the service and quality of food we received. Every steak was prepared perfectly as each of us asked. That’s no small task. Caesar salads were prepared table side and nobody at the table ever had to look for the wine bottle because every two people had a server watching over their every move.

Delmonico Steakhouse at Venetian is an Emeril Lagasse restaurant and is not related to the steakhouse by the same name in New York City. While Delmonico Steakhouse prides itself on delivering New Orleans-style cuisine with the signature bold flavors that only Chef Lagasse can offer, I focus on the steak at a steakhouse. While I’ve sampled the famous, and delicious, gumbo and friends tried some of the seafood appetizers (Barbecue Shrimp is the favorite) my mouth always comes back to how good the steak here is.  I prefer a New York Strip because it’s mild in flavor, but the Filet Mignon is also an excellent choice if you want a smaller cut of beef. 

While it seems every restaurant now opens with a celebrity chef Emeril was one of the first celebrity chefs and Delmonico steakhouse shows why he’s famous. The food, wine and service are all top notch. The man’s reputation precedes him and it is well deserved.

You can find Delmonico Steakhouse along with most of the other fine dining at The Venetian near the Blue Man Group Theater.

Via Galavantier

  • Do they still have the pan fried oysters, man are they delicous. actually shared a bottle of Harlan Estate wine there with the owner Bill Harlan.. great food..

  • Definitely steak country!

  • Nebraska

  • Ribeye's are the most flavorful steak because the ring of fat keeps the juices in. I always start with a strip to test the seasoning since there's only some fat. Some places get a little happy with the seasoning, so this kind of balances things. That said, I love me some ribeye!

    Johnny Mo, where ya from? I'm an NYer. No sweat. I have a bunch of steakhouse reviews to write, but Delmonico is #1.

    Spartan, that tree house thing @ CityCenter weirds me out. The Maestro's in LA is supposedly one of the best there. It's definitely on the list once I get past that tree house. Haha

  • Try Mastro's sometime.It's in City Center.

  • I live in a State where we thrive on steak. I my opinion the Rib-Eye is the most flavorfull cut of meat. Also thanks for telling us about the Delmonico, sounds like a must try.

  • LOVED the bone in rib-eye there.