Kendra Parties at Wet Republic

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Kendra Parties at Wet Republic


Wet Republic at MGM Grand continued it’s celebrity pool party fun this weekend with Kendra Wilkinson from The Girls Next Door. She was with Holly Madison and some other girl, but does anyone matter besides Kendra? Even through Kendra is wearing a bikini, which is cool, something looks different.

It’s pretty interesting how Las Vegas, as a market, continues to find “celebrities” for their clubs from a crew of about 3 to 5 shows. Regardless, everyone seems to like Kendra. Click the DVD picture below if you like Kendra, Holly and/or Bridget.

Girls Next Door
  • RJ, KILLING ME right now. I was thinking Poconos hot, but I think that's the same as WV (who I have @ 40-1 to win BCS). Haha.

  • I actually met her about 4 years ago at a racing event we were a part of. She was West Virginia sexy.

  • love kendra

  • Space Cowboy - I think she's famous for doing Playboy like 10 years ago. Haha.

    Tony - You ain't lying!

  • One thing about Wet Republic..and I have been there...there are 300 girls better looking than her there that PARTY FOR REAL with no agenda....true story.

    That is a serious eye candy spot...

  • Hi. My name is Kendra. I made a sex tape, and now I am a "celebrity".