Is My Bet Considered "Sharp" or "Square?"

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Is My Bet Considered "Sharp" or "Square?"

In the world of sports betting, there is much talk about what is considered a "sharp" bet and what is considered a "square" bet. People use various tools to track public bet percentages and line movement in an attempt to make what they feel is a "sharp" wager. And while I'm always curious as to how the public is betting each game, that does not factor into my wagering decisions. Tracking line movement and knowing when the "sharps" are taking a true position on a game can be profitable, but I also do not use this as the sole basis for any wager.

At the end of the day, I couldn't care less if my wagers are considered "sharp" or "square." The ONLY thing that matters is winning. I know people who actually talk themselves out of some very solid wagers just because they think it's a "square" one. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. My biggest play yesterday was my top-rated 3* NFL Teaser of the Month on the Giants -1.5 and Colts -3. That is widely considered a very "square" play. But it was also a very solid play that won with absolute ease. While the "sharps" were losing with teams like the Rams and Seahawks, my "squareness" was making some serious bank.

I'm not saying one way is right or wrong. It's all about picking your spots wisely. It's not about being "sharp" or "square." Winning is all that matters. So don't overthink things or talk yourself out of a solid play just because it is perceived as being "square." Money won from a "square" wager spends just as well as money won from a "sharp" one.

  • I agree 100% with the last paragraph, sometimes public or square money is the right side.  Good article dwayne.

  • Since we're back in football season again, I felt it was a good time to bump this thread.

    It's all about WINNING, fellas.  Doesn't matter at all how we get there.

    Hope everyone has a VERY profitable football season, "sharps" and "squares" alike.

  • Hey GF, I still believe that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That applies to sports betting as well as life in general.

    Thanks, Joe. Yes, that teaser was gravy. I never hesitated for a second laying the extra juice.

  • Dwayne, yes, keep it going. I agree that "square" plays do win. Your teaser yesterday was like an insurance policy. So what if it cost extra money. It was worth it.

  • DB- what happened to your theory of "if it looks to easy it prolly is"?

    Blindly following a "sharp" play is a recipe for must PUT THE WORK in and follow the market like a hawk and KNOW what to LOOK terms of line moves....Just my take...good weekend DB, keep it going!

  • Thanks for the input, fellas. And you're wlecome, WFCphilly, but there's much more work to be done. Sounds like your football season results are a polar opposite of how my football season goes.

  • nice weekend of football DB,  well done, and about your post i can say this ima  square and when i use to bet my own plays i had some success in the early pat of the football season after about week 5 is when i would usually start getting killed.

  • had SF with Indy, square too but if it wins who cares?  from what I gather it seems all fav bets make u a square but I dont buy it.......over long haul  I can pick more favs that win vs Dogs that win so I am not taking a dog just for sake of betting a dog and not be square....I f I like a dog I will bet it but I'm done worrying if I am being square( bet oak yesterday, a dog)  see where that got me, lol

  • The best sports bettors don't look at plays as being public or square, but rather how the line is going to move on a game, when the line will move, and by how much.  I think you basically said that Dwayne, but that's my two cents.  

    I think square sharps think in terms of if a play is a square or sharp play.

  • AGREED , With  ALL  

    WIN .  

    even  if  it's  ugly  ( i'll keep  it )


  • OUTSTANDING POST Dwayne! Some dudes worry themselves sick about whether their play is sharp or square. Making the money is the bottom line. Nice job!!!

  • Here, here!!

    I've been playing relatively square wagers for the first 4 weeks of the NFL and it's been paying off.  I'll join the sharps when the public stops winning.  That being said, MNF is always a scary spot...