Odds on the First Auto Manufacturer to Go Under?

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Odds on the First Auto Manufacturer to Go Under?

If you look around long enough at your favorite sportsbook, you can find some pretty crazy things to wager on. As I was browsing at one of my favorite "outs," I found this:

Which U.S. Car Maker Will File for Bankruptcy in 2009?
- GM file for Bankruptcy in 2009 -200
- Ford file for Bankruptcy in 2009 +120
- Chrysler file for Bankruptcy in 2009 +120

Will J-Lo and Marc Anthony Get Divorced in 2009?
-Yes, they will get divorced in 2009 +120
- No, they wont get divorced in 2009 -180

Will Chris Brown Serve Jail Time for His Aggression Against Rihanna?
- Yes, Chris Brown will serve jail time -1000
- No,  Chris Brown wont serve jail time +400

A company spokesperson said, "While Washington scrambles to save the US's big three auto manufacturers, we have decided to let the public in on the action with lines on which will be the first to fail. By offering odds on the latest sporting events as well as breaking news and entertainment, (we are) able to cater to professional and novice players alike."

Look around long enough and there's no telling what kind of crazy stuff you can bet on.

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  • I like Chrysler.  Also like J-Lo to get divorced.  No way they make it past this year.  Amazed they made it this far.  Must not be spending a lot of time together.

  • +120 on J-Lo getting divorced in 09'......

  • gm

  • 3* Chrysler +120