Betting on Favorites or Dogs daily on MLB

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Betting on Favorites or Dogs daily on MLB

Have you ever wondered what a person could win or lose if they bet the favorite or dog on every game in MLB for a day. Well that is something that I have always wondered myself. I know that the public loves the favorite and you always hear that the public loses in the long run because of this. Although I would not recommend anyone betting every game everyday unless they have tons of money or no control of money management, I did a litte homework to see what you would have won or loss this year if you would have bet every game everday on either the favorite or dog.

The calculations are based off of playing every game to win 1 unit. So if betting on the favorites you are laying the juice to win the $100 which I am using as a unit.
Betting Favorite of -162: Lay $162 to win $100
if bet loses then you lose your $162.
Betting Dog: bet $100 each bet:
dog of +162: Risk $100 win $162
bet loses then you only lose your $100
Stick out tongue

So far this year with all regular season games played here is what you would have won or loss if you bet every game everyday:

Favorites: -25.67 units
Underdogs: +14.50 units

So if you love the favorites you can see that betting on them does not always pay off!!!

  • Great blog, D$$. Great replies.

  • i think it shows that there is more value in the dogs since over 7 years picking dogs lost about 500 less units than favs.

  • I guess that is why any smart gambler would not play all dogs or favorites everyday.

  • Over 7 years:

    dogs: 6917-9644, -153 units

    favs 9619-6891, -641 units

    have to love how accurate the # is that both sides due to the "juice" difference makes a profit either way for the book.

  • It was very interesting when doing the calculations as there were no days where you would have made more then 10 units in any given day betting either side. The highest favorite total was+7.52 units which was this past Sunday and highest for dogs was +6.77 units on April 14th.

  • I read something one time where blanket betting either side will bust you by the end of the season, but blanket betting favorites will run thru your money up to 4 times faster depending on the season.

  • Great blog

  • Interesting information but what is the numbers if you take the Yankees out of it?  They have consistently been huge favorites and disappointed many times.

  • EACH GAME is it's own individual entity................