Best players not in MLB hall of fame?

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Best players not in MLB hall of fame?

As we all know there are many players that have not been elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, but there are also many players that I believe belong in there. What are your thoughts on players that should be in the HOF or players that have been elected that shouldn't be in there. Here are a few players that I believe should be in the Hall of Fame already.

Andre Dawson Andre Dawson: 1977 Rookie of the Year , 8 time Gold Glover, and 1 time MVP. Dawson also had 2774 career hits with 438 HR's and 1591 RBI's

Lee Smith Lee Smith: 3 time Relief Man of the Year, 478 career saves, 1251 career Strikeouts, 3.03 ERA

Don Mattingly Don Mattingly: 9 time Gold Glove winner, 1 time MVP. 2153 career hits, 1099 RBI's .307 BA

Bert Blyleven, Jack Morris, Tommy John, and Mark Grace are also players I think deserve a shot at the HOF.

  • Denver Money- CLEARLY you DID NOT WATCH or FOLLOW MLB in the early to late 80's............Dale Murphy was flat out the plate and in the field......he was that good for about a decade....

  •  I personally agree and disagree with some of the posts, and yes Pete Rose and shoeless Jackson have to be there no doubt.

     From the others players mentioned, well, in my opinion the Hall of Fame should be for the best players in the different eras, the issue is that because of injuries or personal decisions some great players have short carreers, thus don`t accumulate the numbers others have, some other players have long productive carrers but when the elusive opportunity arrives, they choke big time, Andre Dawson is the primer example, he played the worst Baseball I have ever seen with the bat in the 89 playoffs but he was not the only one, Maddux failed miserably in that year, the he went to Atlanta and choked big time not once but several times.

    Other players like Jack Morris or Fernando Valenzuela may not have those numbers but they had a knack for carrying their teams on their backs when it counted the most.

     As for Dale Murphy he was an 11 time gold-glove winner and he was much much better with the bat, he was a 2 time mvp and probably the best all around baseball player in baseball next to George Brett, not only should he be in but he should undoubtedly be in, if lesser players like Molitor, Jim Rice or Robin Yount are in, he should NO DOUBT BE IN, when I say lesser what I mean is Murphy was way better than all of them, way better but he does not have the numbers because his carrer was not very long and he played for some obscure teans but no doubt in my book he CLEARLY belongs, so good fella is not alone on that one, Hall OF Fame it says, not longevity hall, my 2 cents.

    Greg Maddux is a shoe in because of his numbers

  • Andre Dawson belongs in the HoF without question, but so does Vada Pinson and Minnie Minoso.  From the old Negro Leagues, I'd like to see Cannonball Dick Redding, Spot Poles, Wild Bill Wright, Newt Allen and Bingo DeMoss.

  • Thanks guys, I appreciate all the kind words and support.

  • Shoeless. No question. #1. Not even debatable.

  • Look at the numbers of Ted Simmons. If he had played on the East Coast he would be in the Hall already.

  • Shoeless Joe has gotten absolutely SCREWED by baseball.  And so sad seeing Pete Rose at Caesar's every weekend and never seeing anyone in line for his autograph.

  • What about Charlie Hustle? I dont even need to make an argument do I?

  • Ted Simmons.....better numbers than Gary Carter (or at least on par) but no love.

  • is vida blue in the H O F ?   i remember when the reds tried to trade for him ,and MLB  vetoed it . it was before free agency...

  • GoodFella your a funny man, you want him in cause he is from portland lol. I do think Murphy was a great player, but I don't really see him as HOF player.

  • Andre Dawson & Jack Morris both should be in for sure. Dale Murphy doesn't get the kind of support he deseerves as well IMO back to bac MVP o the NL & one of the games best players in the 80's....& he's a Portland guy as well....  :)

  • Bert Byleven should be in for sure

    Jim Rice shouldn't be in. There are alot better ball players out there that should be in before him.

    Steroids or not Mcgwire & Sosa should be in if not for there numbers for saving baseball at a bad time.

    Believe it or not when baseball was in the toilet and Mcgwire & Sosa had the Homerun Chase the only reason that happened was because of streriods. MLB should be thanking these guys for using roids.

  • Who would be your main person that shouldn't be in there Stephen?

  • There are about 50 players enshrined in the Hall who don't deserve to be there.