NBA Hall of Fame 2009

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NBA Hall of Fame 2009

The Hall of Fame finalist were announced today and what a class it is. I believe there is a good chance that atleast half of the members get in this year. Michael Jordan, John Stockton and David Robinson are 3 of the top finalist and should all get in. Here is the list of all 16 members and we will find out on April 6, 2009 who will be joining the ring of honor at the Naismith Memorial Center in Springfield Mass.

Michael Jordan
David Robinson
John Stockton
Don Nelson
Jerry Sloan
C. Vivian Stringer
Dennis Johnson
Chris Mullin
Bernard King
Cynthia Cooper
Al Attles
Bob Hurley Sr.
Vladimir Kondrashin
Pereira "Ubiratan" Maciel
Richie Guerin
Johnny "Red" Kerr


  • I am on the same side as you RJ and GoodFella, I think they should limit the number that get elected into the NBA hall every year. But I also think that is something that will never be changed.

  • I agree with Goodfella - I LOVE how hard it is to get into the MLB HOF.

  • I agree with you GoodFella, it is a little easier to get in to the NBA hall. They should have a limit on the number that can get in each year.

  • Seriously though, if this was based on what it takes to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame......ONLY Jordan, Stockton, & Robinson would get in......

  • I don't know Matty, he will probably the last one voted in if he makes it.

  • You guys really think Jordan has a chance?  LOL

  • If this were up to the MLB committe to vote players in........Jordan, Stockton, & Robinson will be the only 3 that had any shot of getting in......SO much easier to get into the NBA & NFL Hall of Fame.....

  • I really think , for what he's done on the lower levels, Bob Hurley Sr. deserves it as well. But I believe Jordan, well no question there, Robinson, Stockton, and Sloan are locks. It would be really cool to see Stockton and Jerry Sloan go in the same year.

  • Ya, I was just talking about the recent ex-players, not the coache or women...but Sloan & Nellie will both get in as well this year.

  • I agree with you there GoodFella. I also think Sloan and Nelson are locks

  • Jordan, Robinson, Stockton & Mullin are LOCKS.....& Dennis Johnson & King might be on the outside looking in again....but they BOTH desereve it....DJ wasa one of the best defensive guards to ever play in the NBA....

  • I want David Robinson in for sure. Being from San Antonio and knowing how much he did for the game and how much he does for the community I have always liked him! Plus I have met him, very nice guy.

  • I really hope Bernard King gets in this year, man could that guy score at will in his prime......what a offensive player that guy was.