MLB Preseason World Series Odds:

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MLB Preseason World Series Odds:

Major League Baseball season is right around the corner and I wanted to get the preseason odds to win World Series out. What team will you be cheering for to win the series? The Phillies last year were a 20-1 odd at preseason while the Rays were a 150-1.  What will this year winner be at preseason. Will you take a small chance on a team like the Rays? I will be posting my selections a little later.

Odds from BetUs:

Arizona Diamondbacks    25/1
Atlanta Braves                   30/1
Boston Red Sox                8/1
Chicago Cubs                    8/1
Chicago White Sox           20/1
Cincinnati Reds                 50/1
Cleveland Indians              20/1
Colorado Rockies             40/1
Detroit Tigers                     20/1
Florida Marlins                   35/1
Houston Astros                  40/1
Los Angeles Angels          9/1
Los Angeles Dodgers       14/1
Milwaukee Brewers           40/1
Minnesota Twins                25/1
New York Mets                   9/1
New York Yankees            4/1
Oakland Athletics              40/1
Philladelphia Phillies        12/1
San Diego Padres           100/1
Seattle Mariners               100/1
St. Louis Cardinals           20/1
Tampa Bay Rays              14/1
Toronto Blue Jays             40/1
Washington Nationals      120/1
Pittsburgh Pirates             150/1
Baltimore Orioles              150/1
Kansas City Royal            150/1
Texas Rangers                  60/1
San Fransisco Giants       50/1

  • Just got back from the Wynn, super nice, would recommend it to anyone heading out there. Placed 3 world series bets $500 each Cubs,Angels & Dodgers.

  • I like the chances of the Cardinals this year but I am not sure on the DBack just yet. I think they still need to do some rebuilding. I hope the Yankees don't do it just yet, my family is Yankees fans and I love to tease them when they lose lol. They have too many " I " players and not enough " team " players on their team and until they have that I don't see them winning.

  • I like two of those, Cards at 20/1 and Dbacks at 25 to1.  I think both of these are extremely good value.  I will also play the Yankees at 4/1 because my gut says its finally their year, I hope I lose this bet!


  • Homer picks sometimes are a killer. I cheer for the Reds but don't think I will be playing them at 50/1. 1 team I will be playing on is the Angels at 9/1. I usually pick about 3 teams to win it. Of course one has to be a big underdog. Maybe get the Nationals at 120/1 with Dunn now on team :)

  • I am Tiger's homer.

  • Best of luck with the bets JD, I like the Dodgers bet better than the Tigers. But hell who would have thought the Rays would have been in the series last year.

  • Also like the Dodgers:

    Wager type : Proposition/Future  

     Description : MLB FUTURES

                   World Series Championship - To Win  

                   7  LOS ANGELES DODGERS  +2000  

      Amount     : Risking 1,000.00   To Win 20,000.00  USD

  • Always have hope:

    Wager type : Proposition/Future  

     Description : MLB FUTURES

                   World Series Championship - To Win  

                   13  DETROIT TIGERS  +3000  

      Amount     : Risking 1,000.00   To Win 30,000.00  USD

  • Heck, i live in NY, and I know DAMN WELL any NY team will NOT make it. So, the odds suddenly increase.

  • Welcome to the blogging community, DenverMoney. Great info.

  • Thanks GoodFella, I hope to have many more good blogs in the future

  • Nice 1st BLOG post Denver & welcome to BLOGGING buddy.

  • I agree with you there Matty. I think the Dodgers will move up when and if they sign Manny as well. I will be posting more info on different teams when we get a little closer to the season

  • I'm not sure who I think is going to win the series at this point. As we learned last year, it's a wide open game now that they're actively looking for juice. I do, however, think the Mets are extremely over valued at 9-1.

    They have the reigning champs in their division, along with the Braves, who like nothing more than to beat the Mets. They also have a young Marlins team who doesn't realize they're not supposed to be good, and a Nats team that is actively trying to get better. All the Mets did this offseason was get older. Not what I consider to be a sound investment.