Can Someone Roofie Away Wednesday? - NBA RoundUp for 1/6

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Can Someone Roofie Away Wednesday? - NBA RoundUp for 1/6

Wednesday Recap:

Terrible, terrible performance. Among my five worst days of the year, for sure. But, fortunately, it was just one day, and that's why we spend the absurd hours we do -- to make sure that one bad day doesn't ruin a season. Thursday is ALL FREE, though, since no one should have to pay me after yesterday's foul display. Plenty of GOOD can still come of this week, since, really, aside from Wednesday and New Year's Day, it has been a fairly dominant last-30 days.

Promo Weekly Section:

Last week we featured the Monthly Flex Package, and a few people took advantage of that great deal -- a smart call, since you get every play I release for the price of about 8 days' worth of picks.

This week, we'll rotate the feature spotlight to a Pregame SPECIAL -- the brass have brought back the DAN BEBE NBA SEASON PASS ... it was $495 for the season back in November, and if you missed the first third, you can STILL get a ridiculously tasty deal now, the rest of the season for $349, you're still looking at only about $3 per play!!!

And, as always, the daily stuff -- NO DAILY PACKAGE, not after that debacle! I will likely have 1 NBA play and 1 CFB play, but they will be FREE!

And for the love of Pete, keep telling friends about the podcast, and read the entire blog, not just the leans!

Sports Wagering: NBA

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Dallas Mavericks with a total of N/A;
Revenge time, once again, in the NBA - seems like just about everyone has someone they want to beat these days, and that's not uncommon, since this is likely going to be a recurring theme in some of our wagers. In this particular case, it's a nice little home revenge spot from the Mavs beating down on Oklahoma City in the Thunder's building. Now, the Thunder have a rare chance to face the Mavs at less than full strength, and I'd be very, very surprised if Oklahoma City wasn't looking to exploit that fact and get a win over a tough competitor. We know Oklahoma City is coming off a pair of losses, one each to the Spurs (a demoralizing defeat, again), and then a close, hard-fought game with Memphis. They want to grab this road win and take some momentum back, they've been very strong off SU losses, and Dallas is vulnerable right now. I'm also curious about the total, since Dallas has been getting embroiled in some uglier games without Dirk, and they may want to try to keep it that way against an offensively skilled club like the Thunder. Lean to OKLAHOMA CITY on the side, and waiting on the total, but intrigued by it.

Denver Nuggets (-5.5) @ Sacramento Kings with a total of 208;
That magical number of 5.5 for a road favorite on the second half of a back-to-back. So screwy, so tough to resist. We know Denver hasn't been particularly impressive on the road, and we know Sacramento is starting to play with a bit more passion at home. Problem is, Sacramento is prone to long bouts of offensive inefficiency, and it took Atlanta playing every man from the deepest recesses of the bench to let the Kings back into their last game. The Kings just simply might not have the firepower to keep up in a game like this one, that is, if Denver cares enough to play a full game. With Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen back, the Nuggets finally have a little edge to them, and that is powering their recent mini-surge. Believe me, I'm tempted, and I do lean just slightly to the KINGS, but with Denver apparently heating up just a bit, we need the results of the Clippers game to make a truly informed decision. I also have a small lean to the OVER.






  • I'm already looking hard at Minny, tomorrow Dan.  What do you think about them containing Aldridge?  As we saw the other night, I think that is going to be their main focus now that Roy is not their first scoring option.  

  • P.S. looks like those Kings did it...we should have gone with what we know is right in that one

  • Splitsville!

    Thunder cover, but MTSU fizzles out after a strong first half...Dasher was a disaster late in that game.  Again, a good reason why we only played that bad boy for 1 unit, and we got ourselves a nice night of entertainment, but little else.

    Back from dinner and drinks with a few of my upcoming groomsmen, and I had finished 9 of tomorrow's writeups before leaving, so I'll finish the other few now and get that blog posted.

    NFL Playoff Megacast comes tomorrow!!

  • Thunder!

  • Time to go get some food with the guy who will be the best man at my wedding, and time to plan some orders of business -- let's go GUYS!

  • Oh, not to mention the Sun Belt defensive player of the year, a man upon whom our MTSU 1-unit play rests, appears to be injured.  If he doesn't come back, I might just go start hunting down the mythical fatted calf right now...

  • They can if the Thunder can't even stop Shawn Marion.

  • Of course they can, Tony, because we faded 'em, right?  Hahaha

  • Mavs can't shoot 58% the whole game...

    ...can they?

  • ray allen ray allen

  • Back home, eyeballs are a-okay!

  • I love me some Lakers and Knicks tomorrow night knicks +2 right now hopefully the public gets us a little more cushion Bulls and raptors also

  • I like Oregon in that championship game I know Auburn has given up alot of points but that DLINE seems to wear out offensive lines as the game goes on which is what Oregon OLINE usually does Great Matchup I still like the under

  • great cast Dan...... Gill's "porn" Voice makes me feel DIRTY