Dan Bebe Goes to the Winter Meetings & Friday NBA RoundUp

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Pregame Blogs
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Dan Bebe Goes to the Winter Meetings & Friday NBA RoundUp

Hey all!

There will be NO "Today in Sports Betting" shows Monday through Wednesday, and NO NBA Blogs Monday through Thursday, so I thought I'd try something a little on the "fun" side, here.

This will be my thread for the ENTIRE WEEK for ALL purposes.

Questions about games, ask them here.

Questions about Pregame, ask them here.

Also, I thought it might be amusing if I try to hop on here in the morning and evening to provide you all with amusing stories from my time in Orlando -- tales of Scott Boras getting his shoes shined by a crack team of GM's...of Harold Reynolds trying to bury his spotted past (sexual missteps, anyone?) and get some more permanent work...and MORE!

So, let's have some fun in this thread!

I want to also note that I will NOT be selling DAILY packages while I'm in Orlando, so LONG TERM SUBSCRIBERS will get the TOP PLAY of the day, and anything else will be FREE, like usual. Got it? Good.

My responses will be pretty spread out, too, due to sporadic access to internet (and my foolish clinging to a not-so-smartphone), so bear with me, tell funny stories, talk betting, and we'll chat all week right here. And who knows, if you're good, maybe I'll upload a few pictures!
  • Thanks Dan for your insight. As with any profession there is a method that gradually develops and it is difficult to explain. It is a matter of getting out there and doing it. I am learning these angles you mentioned and they make sense. There are alot of variables with each matchup. Some more complicated (which may be a pass) and some that just jump off the page (leans). I appreciate the time you spend with members. Very helpful. Keep doing what you do. I enjoy your thread.






  • I'd have to say that, with a ton of nuance, I probably start handicapping every game by looking at SCHEDULES (for any of quite a few factors), RECENT MATCHUPS with this particular opponent, RECENT PLAY overall, and then individual matchup edges.

    I try to hit on most of the things that jump out as "interesting" in those writeups, but again, there are just so many little alterations that go into every day of work, it's tough to really put the method entirely into words.

    A lot of what I do is just sort of stored in this old noggin, since I'm not huge into taking notes (which probably should have been a detriment to my college life, but didn't really take a toll)...someday I'll learn to write things down...

  • Dan. When you look at an NBA game to handicap, where do you begin? I know you have previous knowledge of the teams playing, but do you first look at matchups, back to back situation, revenge factor... ? There are alot of variables, I know, but what usually catches your eye first. Sorry for the very broad question, but just curious. You are very accurate with your leans.

  • Hahahaha, the playoffs might be, though...

  • I guess the NBA is not rigged. Thanks Spoelstra!

  • Here we go...haha

  • damn you Jeff Fisher lol.

  • Miami needs to keep pouring it on. Don't need a Titan-esqe backdoor tonight. No, I'm not getting that argument started again.

  • "momma there go that man again..."

  • NICE!! Thanks Dan!

    Tree--- haha, big Godfather fan??

  • All true Dan. I still use the betting percentages and live moves to confirm my totals. If I lean on an under the night before, and there's more public money on the over and the line dips toward the under by 3PM or so, it's an auto play for me. But only if I was leaning there in the first place. Jut using it as a confirmation.

  • True. Good point, and good teams should know this. When Warriors played Spurs, they were blown out. Spurs are very fundamental. I think it has alot to do with coaching though. Pop controls his team. Heat have all the talent but no discipline. I think Spoelstra is just a puppet. Even with all these All Stars, this cannot be an easy situation for him. Might as well have Lebron as Player/Coach. Wonder how long he lasts. Hopefully they can realize how to adjust at half. I think they will. I guess you can see which side I took.

  • Throw him another for his avatar...truly gangster...

  • I'm giving Midnite a Pregame buck for that -- anyone with any objections?