Happy Thanksgiving: NBA RoundUp for 11/25

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Happy Thanksgiving: NBA RoundUp for 11/25

Wednesday Recap: Just fade me.

Sports Wagering: NBA

Washington Wizards @ Atlanta Hawks (-8) with a total of 196;
What the heck is wrong with the Hawks? I mean, we knew they beat up on lower-tier teams to get out to their quick start, but getting completely destroyed by Boston, and then playing a thoroughly disinterested defensive game in New Jersey? That's just awful. We know Atlanta has the talent to beat most teams in the NBA, but they seem confused and bewildered and confused by new coach Larry Drew's motion offense. It seems like they slip back into all-isolation plays when things go poorly, so they can fall back on that, but things just aren't right in Atlanta. Washington, as mentioned before, is going to be a wildly inconsistent team all season long, making them a hugely unpredictable team to bet on or against. They're scoring some points lately, that's for sure, and having John Wall makes them a better team, but with both teams falling into the "wild card" type of team, this game is just screaming "pass." Think about it. How can this one turn out? Atlanta could play like they have the last 3-4 games and potentially lose. There's one point for Washington. The Wizards are keeping games relatively close, outside of a blowout loss in Boston. That's two points for Washington. A pretty low line, all things considered - no point awarded. I have trouble making an argument for the Atlanta side, with how their focus has seemed to drift off. Small lean to WASHINGTON and the UNDER.

Sacramento Kings @ Los Angeles Clippers (-3) with a total of 194.5;
Epic Thanksgiving night game, eh? This is like community service for TNT. I'm sure the marketing is going to revolve about 99% around Tyreke Evans and Blake Griffin, the promising youngsters from both teams, because the teams themselves are just miserable. The Clippers are 2-13, the Kings are 4-9, and both are decidedly below .500 ATS, as well. The Clippers, somehow, are better ATS, so the only thing we can think is that oddsmakers have the Clippers figured out a little better, and the Kings have continued to get beat even in games where bettors felt they had some advantage. The Clippers are coming off a win in their last game, so you have to wonder if maybe they'll build a little confidence, and I could argue that the Clippers should have won a couple straight if not for an outrageous free throw disparity against the Knicks. Fact is, the Clippers are starting to get open looks on offense, and even if they are undisciplined on defense, they can at least compete. The Kings, meanwhile, seem to struggle for just about every shot. Evans dominates the ball, and it's just far too many plays of waiting for someone to do something. All that said, let's not forget both of these teams really are terrible, and either of them could win on any given night. It seems to me that Turkey Day basketball is just all set to take a back seat to football. Sorry folks, these games blow. If you absolutely must bet it, consider the CLIPPERS and the OVER.
  • Sayangrover,I fell for it too.Had wizards in a two teamer with the clippers.Figured a team with wall&arenas could keep it close,hate the damn hawks. hard to tell what they,re going to do.I looked at the two rosters on paper and I could,nt see how the hawks were much better.just a bad call,hawks were more motivated,knew that,but did,nt think they would cover.Will win the next three days,lots of games,will be more selective.Clips will win tonight







  • Situational handi-capping not working right now.better teams,the favs, winning and covering about 90% of the time it looks like.Just look at the last week and today for that matter.That will change and then it will change again and again. When we win we have a tendencity to party and when we lose,to reflect.At least I do!I have told myself many times,you got to know when to jump on and when to jump off to consistantly win.I went 6&1 one day and 1&6 the next day.Thats losing,not winning.So,the question I,m asking myself for tomorrows games is do I play the favs,the better teams or is it time to jump off?I like the spurs tomorrow,I think they,re the better team.We all know about the mavs road record.The spurs are going to be even better when diego splitter gets acclimated and starts working his way into the rotation.Will that be tomorrow?I dont think they will need him tomorrow.Lets win a few tomorrow guys

  • Blake Griffin might soon leap so high he hits his head on the jumbotron

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  • Just realized the Kings have a player named "Pooh." Pooh Jeter. He's really stinking it up this game ;)

  • thanks Dan! No better way to bust the slump with some freebies. It felt good to get away from the NBA for a day.....BOL brotha

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  • great... lost... blowout... 5 days in a row... f-up

  • TEXAS fully motivated to become bowl eligible....HOOK EM