Weekend Short Blog #2: NBA RoundUp for 3/21

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Weekend Short Blog #2: NBA RoundUp for 3/21

I honestly can't even believe what's happening. We dropped 3 straight games by a combined 5 points, and just when I thought I had the problem licked, we got our butts kicked in both plays last night.

It's a bad run, that's all there is to it. All I can do is get a good night of rest, lock myself indoors, and hammer numbers and angles until we find the BEST PLAY on the BOARD. That's it. We're going ONE play per day until this cold stretch comes to an end, and when it does, we're going to rejoice like it's 1999.

Sports Wagering

Rockets @ Knicks - This line is OFF. No leans on the side, curious to see if Houston still has any drive left. Lean to the Over on the total.

Thunder @ Pacers - Oklahoma by 4 with a total of 206.5. Slight lean to Indiana, with Thunder on potential look-ahead. Lean to the Over, as a result of the same lack of focus.

Kings @ Clippers - Clippers by 5 with a total of 199. Tyreke Evans is out, if anyone was wondering about the spread. Lean to Kings on "Injured Star Theory", and lean to the Under.

Spurs @ Hawks - Atlanta by 3.5 with a total of 194. Lean to the Hawks, lean to the Under.

Pistons @ Cavaliers - Cavaliers by 12.5 with a total of 200.5. Lean to the Cavs (Detroit hung tough for almost 2 full games; not this time), lean to the Under.

Wizards @ Lakers - Los Angeles by 13.5 with a total of 196.5. Lean to Washington (just too many points, but concerned about Washington on last game of road trip), and lean to the Under.

Blazers @ Suns - Phoenix by 6.5 with a total of 208.5. Lean to the Blazers, and the Under.
  • Dan,

    Glad to know you will be capping baseball. will you have a season package just like the one you have for NBA. i have your NBA season package.


  • I do indeed cap baseball my man!  It's my second favorite sport to NBA!

    Again, come on over to tomorrow's blog by clicking THIS LINK:


  • OK DAN It's time to pay it forward....You can expect to see me on your paid list By end of the month!  Did you say you cap Baseball? because then I might do the $195.  At the very least is should pay for itself in saving me from losses.

     South park is CRAZy  THEY KILLED KENNY!

  • Thanks GF!  HOPE SO!




  • It's my pleasure, guys - I just want to see YOU GUYS win.  I don't care about myself, really.  I just hate knowing that anything I do is adversely affecting someone, and to know that the leans were helpful today, as well as the top play -- man, I just really needed a strong day because I felt like I was doing wrong by you guys just a little bit.

    But you guys are ALWAYS loyal, always faithful, and I love you all for it.

    Tomorrow's blog is just published - I'll post the short link in 1 minute

  • 10 and 3 today  (one cover by a half a point and one loss by a two point bucket!)

  • Nice hit tonight Dan--big week coming for you buddy.

  • congrats on hitting the parlays cowboysfan01.

  • 12.31 to one!   2wins 2losses on parlays/if bets today.  thanks Dan!

  • Well done mate on the start of a great streak!

    I had a poor time of it too!

    I was 5-11 last 16 which has hit my overall % hard.

    But today I started fresh as well, taking the Blazers and the Hawks, two games that went right to the final seconds. I don't have any nails left on my fingers!

    My record is now 32-26-1 in March and now overall since joining Pregame it stands at 91-65-5, thanks to you and your fellow pros.

    But I must say it's been yourself who has had the major influence though mate!

    Keep going Bebe's

  • Yup 2010, i had portland with you. Congrat on hitting those parlay. u r the man.

    I am going to put a wager on the montreal game for tomorrow.

  • what did the parlay pay?  I think mine paid 12 to 1.... I think   I think   I think!!!  YES  DAN"S AND JUAN"S THE MAN!!! BEERS ON ME IN HOUSTON!  SHELOCK"S PUB $! u call its on Mondays!

  • CBF - What did that 4-teamer pay?

  • Going to bed gents, good night!!!

  • MANDAVA YOU AND I MUST HAVE HAD PORTLAND ??!!!  I need to check espn...I think I might have picked ATLANTA to win.  streak might be intact.