NBA Daily Message Card 01/12 | w/TOP PLAY(S)

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NBA Daily Message Card 01/12 | w/TOP PLAY(S)


NBA results:

NBA 2006-07: +94.62 units     | 1-2-3* MM: +32.21 units 
NBA 2007-08: +144.07 units
NBA 2008-09: +22.77 units
NBA 2009-10: +98.36 units

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD:  (+51.45 units)

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD 1-2-3 MM:  (+18.79 units)

Ranked #1 NBA at Sports-Watch of LV

Ranked #1 NBA at National Sports Monitor

NBA Yesterday's recap:

3 units on UNDER IND/PHI 196   LOSS

3 units on OVER SAC/WAS 197   WIN

3 units on SAN ANTONIO (-6)   WIN

3 units on OVER CLE/LAL 198   LOSS

Daily Message:

Last night we went 2-2 in our plays and for the week we have a mediocre 8-8 record to show. It could have been worse because some plays were just flat terrible but we have also delivered some solid winners. I have to make some minor adjustments in some teams like the 76ers and we will be fine in the near future.

We are now +51.45 units for the season (using a 1-2-3 units MM: +18.79un) and we've already established a comfortable profit for this month of January w/+9.20un (using a 1-2-3 units MM: +7.61un).

For today, we have a big card of 12 games with some interesting games. I'm working on the card right now...

  • NOTE: Two plays have been of them is a Double Dime Play


Injury report: Gerald Wallace is probable; Dirk Nowitzki is doubtful; Ben Wallace is questionable; Tyreke Evans is questionable; Andrew Bogut is probable; Marvin Williams is questionable; Sonny Weems is questionable; Kevin Martin is doubtful; Brad Miller is questionable and Grant Hill is questionable.



NBA - 711 San Antonio Spurs @ 712 Milwaukee Bucks


Projected line: 185 points

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on 711/712 Under 189,5 @ -110 / 1.91 on The Greek

  • That was brutal last night. I didn't watch any of the games since I was out with my girl, but my jaw DROPPED when I started looking at the scores. 3 losses by .5 point!!! Including the worst of them all since it was a triple-star - Stoudemire's back-door cover 3-ball dagger with 10 left to cut the Jazz lead to 6. I looked at the play-by-play in the 4th and not ONCE were the Jazz ever closer in the game than 7 points (and most of the quarter was double digits). Painful, painful, painful. That really is what did us. If that game falls are way it makes a bad night not so bad at all and instead it turned a bad night and made it awful.

    Well... at least we have 5 1/2 months to make it up Andre! Keep doing your thing. Just bad breaks last night...

  • I had an all day review about what went wrong last night besides losing 3 plays by half a point, so no daily message card for today.

    NBA 01/13 Final Update: one play for tonight - Single Dime Play. Detailed write up was added, good luck!

  • Thanks, Andre, for your freebie on the San Antonio - Milwaukee game Under.. great call -  easy win !  Nice work!  (as usual!!)

  • Final Update was released: 9 plays for tonight, Free play added (see initial post). Due to the large card I didn't have time to elaborate detailed write ups, they are back tomorrow, good luck!

  • NOTE: Final Update will be released at 06:30 PM EST.

    I've uploaded one more play and it's a rare TRIPLE DIME PLAY - it is one of the my biggest plays of the season so far!

  • One play has been added, another top play - Double Dime Play!