NBA Daily Message Card 01/10

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NBA Daily Message Card 01/10

NBA results:

NBA 2006-07: +94.62 units     | 1-2-3* MM: +32.21 units 
NBA 2007-08: +144.07 units
NBA 2008-09: +22.77 units
NBA 2009-10: +98.36 units

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD:  (+51.65 units)

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD 1-2-3 MM:  (+18.19 units)


Ranked #1 NBA at Sports-Watch of LV

Ranked #1 NBA at National Sports Monitor

NBA Yesterday's recap:

3 units on TORONTO (-6.5)   LOSS

3 units on UNDER MIN/SAS 210.5   WIN

3 units on LA LAKERS (-6.5)   WIN

Daily Message:

After a pretty awful Saturday card in which we went 2-5 in our plays, we were able to perform a nice bounce back and end the week in a good note by going 2-1 yesterday. We lost with the Raptors by half a point, but then we had 2 easy winners with the Under MIN/SAS and with the Lakers. It was a pretty successful week for us, as we continue to build our bankroll.

We are now +51.65 units for the season (using a 1-2-3 units MM: +18.19un) and we've already established a comfortable profit for this month of January w/+9.40un (using a 1-2-3 units MM: +7.01un).

For today, we have a small card just of 3 games. 

  • First Update: One play has been added - Single Dime Play!

Injury report: Aaron Brooks is questionable; Richard Hamilton is questionable (he might get traded today) and Nazr Mohammed is questionable.

NBA - 701 Memphis Grizzlies @ 702 Charlotte Bobcats


Projected line: 197 points | Memphis by 6 points
NOTE: no detailed write ups for today, back tomorrow*
Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on 701/702 Over 192 @ -110 / 1.91 on Bookmaker
  • Hilarious deki965... Three days and you're calling out a HUGE proven winner in the NBA every year since 2006?? Secondly,,, that record isn't even close to his last 3 days going into tonight.

    1/7 - (7-4,  +4.6 units)

    1/8 - (2-5,   -2.4 units)

    1/9 - (2-0-1 +2.0 units)

    Last 3 days: 11-9-1 (+4.2 units)

    Oh, and tonight he had a winning night as well.

    What is your agenda and why are you trying to spread misinformation? 4-13??? How could you possibly come to this record?

  • Terible picks last three days....4-13...thx "EXPERT"

  • Final Update: 4 plays for tonight - one Double Dime Play! Free Play has been released (see the initial post), good luck!

  • Second Update: 2 plays have been added - one of them is a DOUBLE DIME PLAY! We might have another play for tonight, the final update will be released at 6:15PM EST, thanks!

  • First Update: One play has been added - Single Dime Play! Daily Package is available right now!