NBA Daily Message Card 01/05

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NBA Daily Message Card 01/05


NBA results:

NBA 2006-07: +94.62 units     | 1-2-3* MM: +32.21 units 
NBA 2007-08: +144.07 units
NBA 2008-09: +22.77 units
NBA 2009-10: +98.36 units

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD:  (+50.25 units)

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD 1-2-3 MM:  (+15.85 units)

Ranked #1 NBA at Sports-Watch of LV

Ranked #2 NBA in Net Wins at The Sports Monitor of OK

Ranked #2 NBA at National Sports Monitor

NBA Yesterday's recap:

3 units on MILWAUKEE (+10)   LOSS

3 units on UNDER MIL/MIA 183   LOSS

4 units on OVER SAS/NYK 208   WIN

3 units on OVER TOR/CHI 199   WIN

3 units on OVER OKC/MEM 199.5   WIN

2 units on PORTLAND (+3)   PUSH
1 units on PORTLAND ML (@ +130 / 2.30)   LOSS

3 units on ATLANTA (-5)   WIN

3 units on UNDER DET/LAL 196   WIN

Daily Message:

We are coming from a terrific night in which we went 5-2-1 in our "main plays" for a +8.40un of profit (or +3.47un using a 1-2-3un* MM). We are now +50.25 units for the season (using a 1-2-3 units MM: +15.85un) and for this month we are already on the profit zone.

Last night I had at least one play in every single game of the card and my only "bad read" happened in the Bucks/Heat contest. In this particular contest I took the Bucks + Under but in my opinion it were 2 solid plays regardless the final outcome. The Bucks led the game 51-47 at the break and held the Heat to "just" 44.6% from the field. The problem was that the Heat went 37x to the FT line while hitting 31 FT's (including 21 trips in the second half).

We won our Double Dime Play by 40 points so overall it was a pretty solid and profitable day for us.

For today, we have a huge card of 11 games so I'll have a lot of work in front of me. I'm working on the card right now, so the first update will be released soon.

NOTE: I've made an update on my past records (2006-07) and now they are available on a 1-2-3un* MM system.

Injury report: Andray Blatche, Josh Howard, Kirk Hinrich and Yi Jianlian are all probable; Spencer Hawes is questionable; Drew Gooden is out; Jordan Farmar and Troy Murphy are probable; Jose Calderon is questionable; Andy Varejao and Daniel Gibson are probable; David Lee and Andris Biedrins are probable; Stephen Jackson is probable; Nicolas Batum is questionable and Paul Millsap is questionable.




NBA - 707 Toronto Raptors @ 708 Cleveland Cavaliers


Projected line:
208 points

Last night we took the Over involving the Toronto Raptors and we were able to cash the ticket. For tonight, I feel that we have some edge to take once again the Over as my projected line is 208/209 points…

Once again the Raptors showed last night how pathetic their defense is right now (we can extend the analysis to the whole season). A rested Bulls’ team shot 53% from the field, scored 58 points in the paint & 20 fast break points! When the Bulls starters went to the bench to rest for tonight’s game against the Nets, then it were the Bulls reserves that easily pounded the Raptors!

On the offensive end, the Raptors had also some problems to score as the Bulls were aggressive since the start. Eventually the Bulls finished the game with 10 steals and 8 blocks! Nevertheless, Andrea Bargnani made a nice return by shooting 7-17 FG, 8-8 FT while scoring 23 points. The Raptors were struggling on the offensive end as of late and Bargnani will provide a much needed inside scoring punch.

Plus I can’t ignore the fact that the Raptors are coming for tonight’s contest after facing the Celtics (who were in a bounce back spot after losing consecutive games) and the Bulls. In case of you didn’t notice, these two teams are the TWO best defensive teams in the league (in terms of defensive efficiency):

1 Boston      96.7
2 Chicago    96.8

The Cleveland Cavaliers?!?

25 Cleveland  107.2

In fact, the Cavaliers defense has been pretty awful in the last games: they have allowed 110, 101, 100 and 104 points L4 games! In my opinion, the Raptors won’t have any problems to score tonight as their terrific fast transition offensive basketball will make some damage against the poor defensive Cavaliers team.

However, I also expect the Cavs to put some points in the scoreboard as well as we already know how bad the Raptors defense is. Mo Williams is probable for tonight and Jamison (now a starter) is playing his best basketball of the season. Last game against the Mavericks, Jamison shot 14-22 FG while scoring 35 points!

These two teams have already faced each other early on the season and the Raptors won the game 101-81. Forget the points scored in that game, for us it is more important to know the pace of the game was and my numbers are saying that it was a pure run and gun game! I expect a similar pace for tonight…

Take the Over in here as my Single Dime Play.

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on 707/708 Over 204 @ -110 / 1.91 on The Greek



NBA - 717 Atlanta Hawks @ 718 Utah Jazz


Projected line:
Utah by 2 points

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on 717 Atlanta Hawks (+5.5) @ -110 / 1.91 on 5 Dimes

  • For tonight I'm offering a 2nd Free Play, please see initial post*

  • Final Update: 11 plays for tonight - 2 Double Dime Plays, big card but once again, this is all about value! Good luck!

  • Thanks jumpman!

    NOTE: FREE PLAY's detailed write up has been added

  • stay on fire andre...bought ur last 3 packs and prob gonna buy ur season pack later in week   thx for ur work

  • Allright... I've just finished my study for tonight so it's just a matter of confirm some minor stuff. We will have a big card but a pretty solid one in my opinion (naturally).

    One play has been added, it's the FREE PLAY (posted in the 1st post). I'll make some detailed write ups now...

  • 3rd Update: one play added - Top Play Double Dime Play!

  • Second Update: one play added - Single Dime Play!

  • ahahah Taylor, it was a sweet night for you then :D

    Without Jennings, the Bucks are having some serious problems on the offensive (well, they were pretty awful with him anyway...) because they almost don't run the pick n' roll play with Bogut.

  • Kick ass night Andre! Being from Milwaukee, it was even more fun watching my team without any 'conflicting' feelings about the game. They looked good for a bit, but they're really starting to miss Brandon Jennings. Earl Boykins/Kenyon Dooling are solid veteran PG's, but obviously your missing the dynamicism of a Jennings who can break down a D. Bottomline though... this one wasn't the Bucks collapsing down the stretch, it was the Heat playing phenomenally well. This team looks scary right now.

    Oh, and as a bonus, I accidentally took the over for the Bucks Heat game so I finished 6-1-1. I was balancing my books at the end of the night and I kept showing I had something like $108 more than I should. Then I discovered it. Nice - although I have to be more careful in the future.

    Lastly, I got all that business straightened out with Pregame and they credited my account $125! Even more than the difference. No hard feelings right?

  • First Update: one play added - Single Dime Play!